Steven A. Clark Collaborates with Weathervane Music

Steven A. Clark Collaborates with Weathervane Music

For New Song “Bounty” feat. Members of War on Drugs, Ava Luna & Man Man. Curated by Chris Swanson, he of Secretly Canadian, Jagjaguwar, Dead Oceans.

2012 proved to be a very strong year Steven A. Clark, who appeared on many end of the year lists, including being named one of SPIN Magazine’s “Most Impressive Releases” and signing to Secretly Canadian Publishing. Today, Clark is announcing his collaboration with Weathervane Music for the brand new track “Bounty,” for Shaking Through, a documentary series that brings together emerging musicians with top artists to record one song in two days. The track features members of War on Drugs, Ava Luna & Man Man and is also curated by Chis Swanson (Secretly Canadian, Jagjaguwar, Dead Oceans). Please click HERE to watch the episode or HERE to stream the track (please post & share both links!) You can also check out the video on SPIN.

Official episode narrative, as well as high-res images, recording videos, feature video, and gear descriptions can all be found at the (permanently-archived) episode page at Anyone with Garageband, ProTools or Logic can make their own remix of the song, share, and join in on a great conversation with others doing the same (see below for the downloadable parts).

Watch the Episode of Shaking Through


After breaking onto the scene in 2010 with his critically acclaimed STRIPES, R&B artist Steven A. Clark bared his soul with his follow up album Fornication Under the Consent of the King (L&E Media Co. & BloodyGround USA). The album represents his progression in both his musical and personal life, Fornication Under the Consent of the King showcases a new level of maturity in his songwriting.

Alongside Frank Ocean and The Weeknd, the Fayetville, North Carolina native is a top forerunner in the Future RnB movement, spearheading a confident and new type of indie-rock and hip hop infused rhythm and blues that belies their young age. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Clark’s songwriting reflects his absolute acceptance of the effects of love, including the adoration and despise, bliss and pain, and drinking and drugs. Building on the self-produced, written, and performed sound of STRIPES, Clark takes his synth-kissed sound one step beyond, cutting away niceties and digging into the core of his personal afflictions with F.U.C.K.
“There is no philosophy; it’s a feeling. I’m making music that feels good and natural to me,” he says. “I want people to know that good music is a feeling and it’s raw and it should always be that way. It’s personal, it’s tough and it’s just simply good music. That’s what I want people to take away from it: that it’s good sh*t.”

Click to Stream ‘Bounty’ below







Shaking Through: Steven A. Clark from Weathervane Music on Vimeo.

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Steven A. Clark Collaborates with Weathervane Music