Storm The Sky Release Video For ‘Only One’ Featuring John Jarratt (Wolf Creek)

Storm The Sky Release Video For ‘Only One’ Featuring John Jarratt (Wolf Creek)

Storm The Sky have today released an incredibly emotive and powerful video for ‘Only One’ taken from their debut album Permanence. The video features John Jarratt, father of clean vocalist Will Jarratt, and who is best known as the murderous bushman Mick Taylor in Wolf Creek.

The ‘Only One’ video follows a story that is very close to Will’s heart as he explains “My Grandfather, Bruce Jarratt, died in April 2003 leaving his loving wife Helen behind. Helen was the healthiest older woman I’ve ever met. She would be jogging at 70 and just an all round happy, loving and healthy soul. She went from perfect health to also pass away just five years after Bruce. I really believe she died from a broken heart. For the ‘Only One’ video, I really wanted to try to encapsulate the true tragedy of losing the love of your life. The fact that you can’t just go with them. The reality is that you have family to look after, you have to go on even though you’re dead inside. I watched my Grandmother slowly fade away and it absolutely broke my heart. I can’t imagine the pain that she went through and the strength it took to carry on for as long as she did.

I wanted my Father to play the main character in this video because I knew it would be close to home and mean a lot to him. He plays a man that had lost the love of his life, and therefore his will to live; but pushes through because he has to for his family. He did an amazing job and I’m very proud of this video. I hope you all like it.”


Click the image below to watch the compelling video for ‘Only One’

The band has truly matured from previous efforts, between an enlightened sense of lyrical abilities, and the fact they have done away with the chug-chug-breakdown system a band will tend to fall back on when they are out of ideas.”  – Hysteria Magazine
“Storm The Sky combine doomy head-banging and uplifting choruses in a genuinely thrilling way.”
– Rolling Stone
“With a potent dual vocal attack on their side, the sextet have the perfect balance to fire all guns blazing.” – Rock Sound
“In the wake of two sought-after EPs, Storm The Sky finally deliver their debut full-length: a highly polished potion of post-hardcore, electronica, Southern-tinged metal and heavy pop.”  – Blunt Magazine

Storm The Sky – Permanence is out now via UNFD.

Storm The Sky – Permanence
1. Alive
2. Same Graves
3. Dead Giveaway (Feat.Trenton Woodley)
4. Portraits (Feat. Matty Mullins)
5. Sheltered
6. If I Go
7. Oh Sister (Feat. Jake Taylor)
8. Tempest
9. Only One (Feat. Angel Gray)
10. Red Letter

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Storm The Sky Release Video For ‘Only One’ Featuring John Jarratt (Wolf Creek)