Strange Boy – Listen to New Tracks on Debut EP Out Today

Strange Boy – Listen to New Tracks on Debut EP Out Today

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Singer, Kieran Brunt featured vocalist and composer on forthcoming Nils Frahm record All Melody

photo credit: Thurstan Redding


Today, Strange Boy present the Annunciation EP, their beautifully arresting debut EP. Masterfully blending singer Kieran Brunt’s otherworldly voice and intricate songwriting with Matt Huxley’s modern, left-field electronic production, Strange Boy offer a thoughtful reflection on growing up and struggling with anxiety and millennial ennui. The band are continuing a recent tradition of pairing reflective songwriting with the sort of exacting and delicate production that has served Anohni, Sufjan Stevens and Perfume Genius so well recently.
Kicking off with a two-note synth melody, Annunciation, the title track and EP opener, builds and swells with an emotional intensity that is deftly mirrored by the electronic soundscape beneath Kieran’s vocals. The second track, Love The Night, features a schizophrenic conversation between the singer and himself. I Won’t Say Those Things  is another self-reflected song, inspired by a rowdy argument Kieran witnessed in a pub in the North West.
Bringing the EP to a close, lead single Corbusier is a real gem of a track. Inspired by Kieran visiting an exhibition about architect Le Corbusier and finding that “it was just like being smacked in the face by this burning creativity”. He was so affected by the absorbing, sublime feeling that he wrote the lyrics then and there in the gallery. The song is about someone being inspired to create something grand and immense within their humble surroundings.
Recorded on the outskirts of Paris by Jonathan Lefèvre-Reich and mastered by Icelandic composer Valgeir Sigurðsson, the Annunciation EP is both accomplished and brimming with potential, marking them as one of the most interesting and relevant acts coming through the UK currently.


Strange Boy Annunciation EP Tracklisting

1. Annunciation
2. Love The Night
3. I Won’t Say Those Things
4. Corbusier

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Strange Boy – Listen to New Tracks on Debut EP Out Today