Stream/Download: Pink Mexico- Shrub Fuse

Stream/Download: Pink Mexico- Shrub Fuse

Pink Mexico‘s forthcoming album/cassette release, Pnik Mxeico, is bristled in walls of fuzz-fucked guitars and reverberated melodies; however, each song has a different component that shows the band’s equal love for grunge, garage rock, pop, and psychedelic music.

The single that mirrors this sentiment is the crunchy and surreal second offering entitled “Shrub Fuse”. A thick smog of aggressive chords starts things off before lead singer Robert Preston Collum floats in with his ghostly falsetto and tells us a quick tale about an aloof and detached town.

“Shrub Fuse” Soundcloud (stream/free DL):

“Shrub Fuse” Bandcamp (stream/free DL):

You can also check out a DIY music video for “Hussy Woofer” here:

Pnik Mxeico will be available on cassette and digital formats via Fleeting Youth Records on December 17th. Pre-orders can be made here.

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Stream/Download: Pink Mexico- Shrub Fuse