Stream/Free DL: Passenger Peru- The Best Way To Drown (Alternative/Neo-Psych)

Stream/Free DL: Passenger Peru- The Best Way To Drown (Alternative/Neo-Psych)

NYC-based duo Passenger Peru are preparing their sophomore album, Light Places, the sequel to their acclaimed self-titled debut.

The first taste of the record is the anxious, The Best Way To Drown. “The monster flood of a track – takes its name to heart and com[es across like a rush of oncoming water. It feels epic in scope — a dark, gnarled aura of foreboding, with churning guitars that border on catchy but end up somewhere around menacing.” (Stereogum)

Light Places is out February 24th! Pre-order here.

Much like its predecessor, Light Places showcases Justin Stivers and Justin Gonzales’ keen melodic sense and their ability to shape-shift moods at the drop of a hat with expert control of their instruments; however, this time around, the duo focuses on producing more simplistic and raw music to match the exposed and visceral lyrics.

It’s a deeply personal, raw, and unapologetic album recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered DIY by the band in various locations around the New York area. Playing with the juxtaposition of light/dark and abrasive/beautiful, Passenger Peru execute a running commentary on modern city life for a 30-something-year-old through ebbs and flows of neo-psychedelic experimentation, crazy dynamic shifts, bare-boned odes, and odd yet infectious noise.

The Brooklyn duo blend the tender and vulnerable song writing of Yo La Tengo with the aural colorings and production of Brian Wilson and the tribal noise freak-outs of early Animal Collective.

Stream/Free DL “The Best Way To Drown”:


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Stream/Free DL: Passenger Peru- The Best Way To Drown (Alternative/Neo-Psych)