Summer CD Sale : Psychonavigation Albums From 1 Euro!!

Summer CD Sale : Psychonavigation Albums From 1 Euro!!

We usual these are for a limited time and all CD’s are all only 1 Euro each (less postage costs)

* While Stocks Last *


Simply email me your complete list of orders and I will work out the cheapest delivery to your home worldwide!


Here is the complete list currently available below :




PSY003 ‘Psychokinesis compilation (Ambient/Electronica/Electro) Compilation CD

PSY 004 Various ‎– Alphaform (Electronica) Album CD Compilation

PSY 007 Various ‎– Simulus (Electronica) Album CD Compilation

PSY010 Matthew Devereux ‘Tap,Tap,Tap’ (Electronica) Album CD

PSY014 Anne Garner ‎– Re-Making The Pearl (Electronica)Album CD

PSY016 Electric Penguins ‘Goodbye from the Electric Penguins’ (Accoustic ) Album Digipack CD

PSY017 Ciaran Byrne ‘Galtrim’ Album (Ambient/Electronica)

Album CD

PSY018 Bickley O’Farrell ‘All Your Life/Sweet Love’ (Electronic Pop)

Album CD

PSY019 Roedelius ‘Snapshots/Sidesteps’ (Krautrock) Album CD

PSY020 Enrico Coniglio ‘Areavirus’ Topofonie Vol 1 (Ambient/Jazz) Album Digipack CD

PSY022 Enrico Coniglio & Elisa Marzorati ‘dyan MU’ (Piano / Classical) Album Digipack CD

PSY023 Gel-Sol ‘IZ’ (Ambient Soundcapes) Album CD

PSY025 Derek Carr ‎– The Digital Space Race (Detroit Techno / Electronica) Album CD

PSY028 Roger Doyle ‘Cool Steel Army’ (Avant Garde / Opera / Ambient ) Album Digipack CD

PSY030 Tiny Magnetic Pets ‘Return Of The Tiny Magnetic Pets’ (Electro Pop) Album Digipack CD

PSY031 Mick Chillage ‎– Tales From The Igloo (Ambient/Chillout)

​(2 Copies left) ​Album CD

PSY032 Brawdcast ‘The Quest For Human Completion’ (Hip-Hop) Album CD

PSY034 ‘An Taobh Tuathail Vol 3’ (Folk / Electronica ) Compilation Digipack CD

PSY035 anodyne ‘corrosion’ (Techno) Digipack Album CD

PSY036 Antonio Trinchera ‎– Voce Falena (Ambient/Chillout) Album CD

PSY 039 Enrico Coniglio ‎– Salicornie (Topofonie Vol. 2) (Ambient/Chillout) Album CD

PSY040 Maschine ‘Maschine’ (Electronica / Breaks / Drum N Bass) Album Digipack CD

PSY041 Mindfield Compilation Digipack CD Featuring : The Future Sound Of London, Scanner„ The Black Dog, Space Time Continuum,Robert Leiner and many more.. Compilation Digipack CD

PSY 042 Obsil ‎– Vicino (Ambient/Chillout) Album CD

PSY044 Buckminster Fuzeboard ‘Funny Noises’ (Downtempo)

Album Digipack CD

PSY048 Waves On Canvas ‘Into The Northsea’ (Ambient/Shoegaze/Electronica) Album CD

PSY049 Karol Gwóźdź ‘Tamte Czasy’ (Piano/Modern Classical) Album CD

PSY052 Roger Doyle ‘Chalant’ (Modern Classical/Electronica ) Album CD

PSY053 Antonio Trinchera ‎– Spirits Write Letters (Downtempo / Electronica / Ambient) Album CD ‎

PSY 054 Krill.Minima (Marsen Jules) – Sekundenschlaf (Ambient-Dub) Album CD ‎

PSY056 Imploded View – Picnics With Pylons (Downtempo / Electronica / Ambient) Album CD

PSY058 Samora – The Unspeakable (Ambient/Poetry) Album CD

PSY 060 Dao De Noize – Kalam Album CDR‎

PSY062 Arpatle – The Day After (Ambient Dub) Album CD

PSY 068 Sense ‎– The Dream (Ambient) Album CD

PSY 069 Pure Evil – A New Dawn (Chillout/Electronic) Album CDR

PSY072 Galati – Godhavn (Dark Ambient) Album CD

PSY 073 The Living Room (Orlando Voorn) – Armchair Education (Techno/Chillout) CDR

PSY 074 Shammen Delly – Shammen Delly (Techno/Downtempo) Album CDR

PSY 076 Ben Bix – All Of The Variations At Once Album CDR ‎

PSY078 Steve Stoll ‎– Praxis (Ambient / Chillout) Album CDR

PSY 084 Geisha – Further / Closer (Chillout/Downtempo) Album CDR

‎PSY 085 Arche – First Cause (Chillout/Ambient) Album CDR

PSY 089 Sapphirine Phlant – Odds And Ends (Chillout/Electronic) Album CDR

PSY 091 Sense ‎– Still Life (Ambient / Chillout) Album CDR

PSY 093 Johnny Yesterday – Breathe In, Breathe Out (Chillout/Electronic) Album CDR

PSY 094 Galati – Mother (Dark Ambient) Album CD

PSY 097 David Harrow – On Forever Gone (Chillout/Electronic) Album CDR

PSY 098 Lingua Lustra ‎– Uhadi (Chillout/Electronic)

PSY102 Lorenzo Montanà – Vari Chromo (Chillout/Electronic) Album CD

PSY 108 Ecovillage ‎– Jesus Of Nazareth (Ambient) Album CD

PSY 109 Dimitri Mazurov ‎– Rudiments CD (Chillout/Electronic) Album CD

PSY 111 Music On A Shoestring [Psychonavigation 2000 – 2015]

CD mixed by DJ.Food / Strictly Kev (Ninja Tune) (Chillout/Electronic) CD

PSY 112 Fictioncity ‎– The Shell (Chillout/Electronic) Album CD

PSY 113 No Mask Effect ‎– Quick Smart (Ambient / Chillout) Album CD

PSY 115 Pete Namlook & New Composers ‎– Russian Spring (Ambient / Chillout) Album CD

PSY 116 Sonia Skobeleva & Stanislav Vdovin ‎– Between Ourselves (Ambient / Chillout) Album CD

************OTHER CD SPECIALS*******************

PSY 001 Various ‎– Psychonavigation (The label’s first release, super rare!!) (Ambient/Electronica/Electro) Compilation CD 12 EURO

PSY 014 Lackluster ‎– RemixSelection_One (Only 2 copies left!!) Album CD 10 EURO

PSY 114 Ambient Lives Series Presents : Sense – A View From A Vulnerable Place (Re-Release) Album CD 8 EURO

PSY 071 Off Land – Tidewater Pulse​ (Ambient) Album CD 5 Euro​

PSY 095 Off Land – Quinrian (Ambient) Album CDR (5 Euro) ​

PSY 092 Oliver Lieb ‎– Inside Voices Album CD 8 EURO

PSY 117 No Mask Effect – Double Or Quits Album CD 6 EURO

PSY105 Lorenzo Montanà – Triology (Chillout/Electronic) 3 x CD Album 8 EURO

PSY 107 Lorenzo Montanà – Serpe / Black Ivy 2 x CD Album 6 EURO

PSY 106 New Composers Sp. Guest Brian Eno ‎– Smart Album CD 8 EURO

OFF 032 The Lunchbox Surrender – Silver Gloves and Spaces Album CD 8 EURO

PSY 118 No Mask Effect – Nothing Out There Album CD 6 EURO

PSY 121 Ambient Lives Series Presents : Zenith – Zenith (Carlos Vivanco & Tetsu Inoue Album CD 8 EURO

PSY 124 Bruno Bavota – The Secret Of The Sea [2016 Re-Release] Album CD [2016 Re-Release] 8 EURO

PSY 123 New Composers – Sputnik Album CD ​10​ EURO

PSY 120 Subverter – Dark Matter Tuxedo Limited Album CD 8 EURO



OFF 005 Willem Gator – City Of Sadness Album CDR

OFF 016 Scale – Tales Album CDR ‎

OFF 017 Letters of Utrecht – Slow Exit Album CDR

OFF 019 Kohshi Kamata – Seven Most Album CDR

OFF 020 The Gateless Gate – Sibir Album CDR

OFF 021 Emmerichk – Late Nineties Album CDR

OFF 022 The Blunted Boy Wonder – Take One [Double CDR] (5 Euro)


OFF 026 Letters of Utrecht – Letters Of Utrecht Album CD

OFF 028 Ambelion ‎– Trance Experience

OFF 031 Arpatle – Quapi Album CD ‎


TRAN 001 Federico Mosconi – Acquatinta Album CDR

TRAN 004 Perry Frank – Soundscape Volume 1 Album CDR

TRAN 005 Samora – Lontano Album CDR

TRAN 009 Nymphalida – Lóghi Album CDR ‎

TRAN 010 Galati – Gletscher 2 x CD Album * 3 Euro *


Sundazed Compilation

(Beat Foundation (Groove Armada) , Paul Rogers,Liquid Wheel..) CD

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Summer CD Sale : Psychonavigation Albums From 1 Euro!!