Sun Kin unveils tender new psych-pop single "Honey, I’m Whole"

Sun Kin unveils tender new psych-pop single "Honey, I’m Whole"

Cleared for posting/sharing: Sun Kin – “Honey, I’m Whole”

“…a live band who refracts a sense of urgency in the chase for understanding against the sounds of computer and machine-assisted music.” – Impose

“Intricate layers of rhythm and strings warm us like a gentle fire and reiterate the importance of quality songwriting.” – All Things Go


Oakland-based psych-pop artist Sun Kin has just unveiled a new single, “Honey, I’m Whole.” The song, a tribute to Sun Kin’s (real name Kabir Kumar) grandmother, is a beautiful, winding piece that serves as a reminder to cherish the here and now.


Kumar shares, “This song is about wishing that someone you’ve loved forever could meet someone you just fell in love with. I thought that I’d always be able to send my Nani an email, asking for her shami kebab recipe. To visit her, every precious couple of years, and stand eagerly over her shoulder sniffing the bubbling rajma. Or sit in her protective wingspan in the auto, clattering over to the local mithai wallah for some diamond-shaped kaju barfis. I wish I could hear it from her lips, how early in the morning you need to wake up to simmer a love worth remembering.”

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Sun Kin unveils tender new psych-pop single "Honey, I’m Whole"