Super J Lounge release 2nd record after 16 years!

Super J Lounge release 2nd record after 16 years!

Tucson Arizona / London band Super J Lounge release sophomore LP ‘Playground’ 16 years after its completion. Have a listen through Spotify here. Videos included are ‘Train’ from album ‘Playground’ and also track ‘Playground’ available on both albums ‘Playground’ and ‘Cosmic Desert Music’.

The day Super J Lounge completed the final mix of ‘Playground’ they also broke up… Tightening their eclectic sound found on debut ‘Finally’, Super J Lounge continued their mix of Galaxy 500 & Sparklehorse with Brian Eno but with less obviousness finding, at last, their own SJL sound that had been brimming in previous years.

Great News! Super J Lounge have also released a special treat album ‘Cosmic Desert Music’ – a play on the phrase ‘Arizona Krautrock’. Always having a love for Krautrock, Tucson buddies Don Brosnan and Stuart Smith mixed their desert upbringing with their love for Harmonia, Cluster, NEU!, and Kraftwerk. This is an album of electronic instrumentals that mix the dusty, dry air of Tucson with the industrial motorik beat of Dusseldorf. Krautrock is not a musical phase people go through – it is a genre that sows seeds deep into those who love these bands and Super J Lounge have paid tribute to their influences. ‘Hola Amigos’ and ‘America the Beautiful’ are more relevant now with the Trump administration now in power. ‘We Are Super J Lounge’ and ‘Playground’ were tracks the band would open their live sets with – Stuart’s Ebow creating a haunting whale song against a dubby bassline.

Super J Lounge released two singles for Fierce Panda, one for Blue Dog, signed a publishing deal with Creation, got Eno involved, and then got deported from the UK… Released one album ‘Finally…’ and on the day they finished their second album ‘Playground‘ – they broke up. A compilation of their Krautrock inspired instrumental album ‘Cosmic Desert Music’ is also now available through Itunes or Spotify.

Read all about the Super J Lounge here.

Super J Lounge track ‘Train’ from sophomore album ‘Playground’.


Super J Lounge track ‘Playground’ can be found on sophomore album ‘Playground’ and also Krautrock inspired compilation ‘Cosmic Desert Music’.

Remember the mantra of 2017…

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“Train” is found on Super J Lounge’s sophmore album ‘Playground‘ Released on Pima County Records in June 2017. ‘Playground’ can be found on albums ‘Playground’ and ‘Cosmic Desert Music’ You are welcome.

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Super J Lounge release 2nd record after 16 years!