Super J Lounge release new video- Hypocrite

Super J Lounge release new video- Hypocrite

Here is the latest video release from Super J Lounge debut album Finally… for the track Hypocrite. Hypocrite’s music always reminded me of Brian Eno’s The Big Ship crossed with Spiritualized’s If I Was With Her Now, but with the guitar sound of The Clash’s Mick Jones… What do you think?


Hypocrite is actually a track about heroin but the video is made up of footage from the 1950’s ‘How To Listen To Music’. The actor reminds of a cross between Stuart’s Dad Howard Smith and the Dad from tv show ‘My Three Sons’, which was actually the name of Stuart’s and my first band in high school back in Tucson. Hypocrite also has a middle eighth guitar part that is so laid back it is almost horizontal, and is accompanied by footage floating over Arizona’s Grand Canyon.


You can listen on Spotify here – or Deezer here – and don’t forget to follow the band. Or even make it part of your collection buying it from Itunes here.

Read all about the Super J Lounge here.

Super J Lounge track ‘Hypocrite’ from debut album ‘Finally’ set to footage of how to listen to music.

Remember the mantra of 2017…

– I will not be greedy. I will share this video!

– I will not always lead. I will follow Super J Lounge on Spotify, Deezer & Facebook.

“Hypocrite” is from Super J Lounge’s album ‘Finally…‘ Released on Pima County Records in Jan 2000. You are welcome.

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Super J Lounge release new video- Hypocrite