Sweaty Palms announce debut album Quit Now

Sweaty Palms announce debut album Quit Now

‘Transit Paul’

Taken from the debut album ‘Quit Now’

Out 8th June 2018 on Nice Swan Records

“Sweaty Palms land somewhere between the playful and the political. Taking these very real, very dangerous subjects and rooting them in under three-minutes of scuzzy, filthy rock’n’rol
l” – DIY
‘A strident take on The State Of Things, full of snotty bite and visceral post-punk sensibilities. – Dork


What causes sweaty palms: anger, nervous energy, excitement? The answer is all three, which is what makes Sweaty Palms such a great name for the Glasgow band, who have just cut their first album Quit Now. A fast-paced thirty-five minutes, it’s as idiosyncratic, iconoclastic and industrious as the city that birthed the band. Hot off the heels of a Marc Riley 6 Music session, lead single ‘Transit Paul’ is slow trudding art rock track with discordant guitars, creeping keys in abrasive repetition and a snarling vocal delivery.
These songs are suffused with the band’s worldview, which has little time for the arrogant mask of contemporary culture: “The anger comes from the rampant atmosphere of misogyny in our society…apathy, prejudice and discrimination in all its forms,” and as it becomes near impossible to avoid the fact that things are falling apart, in a world where the poor are being picked on, the masses marginalised. “To make music that doesn’t address this in some way would feel dishonest and pointless.”
Dotted around different corners of Glasgow – Ronan Fay (guitar), Robbie Houston (vocals & guitar), Shaun ‘Monty’ Montgomery (bass) and Tom Ross (drums) met “at a support group for the rehabilitation of cult survivors. We found that making music helped shatter the illusions that years of brainwashing had ingrained in our psyches.” and made their name around the city with their chaotic live shows – which have been known to collapse after 10 minutes – a testament to their spirit. (live dates below including TGE and Sounds From the Other City).
Quit Now is suffused with the band’s worldview, which has little time for the arrogant mask of contemporary culture.
“It doesn’t scream for your attention in the way most modern records do,” they explain. “Inversely if that makes you completely ignore it, that’s fine too: we weren’t talking to you anyway.”

1. Intro
2. Queer Fatwa
3. Captain Of The Rugby Team
4. Grey Existence
5. Winter Sports
6. Transit Paul
7. The Illusionist
8. Feed Me More
9. Kellyanne
10. The Liquid Hall
11. Community Crass

Live Dates:
8- NEWCASTLE – Arch Sixteen
10- SHEFFIELD – The Washington
11- LIVERPOOL – The Bagelry
12- NEWPORT – Le Pub
13- BRISTOL – The Old England
15- LONDON – Five Bells
16- SOUTHAMPTON – Heartbreakers
18- BRIGHTON – Alt Escape
9 – Glasgow – Stereo

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Sweaty Palms announce debut album Quit Now