Swedish group, LINES team up with Dolores Haze for new track, "We Will Never Rule The World"

Swedish group, LINES team up with Dolores Haze for new track, "We Will Never Rule The World"

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Swedish group, LINES debut new song,

“We Will Never Rule The World”

(ft. Dolores Haze)


Scandinavian purveyors of synthpop, LINES are back with their brand new single ‘We Will Never Rule The World’ featuring female noise rockers Dolores Haze. Stated as creating “the perfect cocktail of majestic pop anthems mixed with DIY punk vibes” by C-Heads, the single is an edgy dose of dark electro-pop perfection.

“The anti American dream. Watching ourselves fail at life repeatedly, fail being in love and fail in friendships. Struggling to consume happiness in a world where new products have less features. The defining aspect of high fashion is the pricing. A world that is obsessed with appropriating the weak and selling us the dream that we will one day be ourselves. No wonder the synths are messy…anyway,” says keyboardist Erik Althoff when discussing the inspiration behind the track. “Right around that time we met with Dolores Haze on several occasions planning a coup to overthrow the current Royal Family of Sweden, a waste of tax money and a monument of inherited injustice. We played each other demos while making C4 and, yeah the rest is history.”

The story of LINES began when Erik, Johan, Fred and Nisse decamped from their native Sweden on a mission to lose themselves in the hedonism of Berlin’s nightlife. The four friends emerged on the other side and returned to Stockholm newly united as a band. LINES was born. ”We rented a seedy apartment in Kreuzberg, dropped off our luggage there, and basically didn’t sleep for four days and nights that ended in tears and triumph – or maybe it didn’t end at all.”

What exactly went down during that transformative experience in Berlin is between LINES and the dance floor (it is the city with a no photos policy in its sacred club spaces), but it’s safe to say that there’s probably no better birthplace for the band than Europe’s capital of decadence and decay.

LINES sound is unadulterated euphoric nihilism expertly distilled into high speed adrenaline pop. Chaotic synths, pulsing beats and uplifting gang vocals are the signature sounds of the Stockholm-based four piece. It’s music to soundtrack living fast and feeling hard, that mainlines its way into your system. With lyrics that deal in excesses and extremes, LINES produce defiant and socially conscious alt pop that deals with themes of isolation, escapism and what the band call “obsessive and destructive love.”

“We’re not Rage Against The Machine in our politics but we try to express some kind of social commentary in our lyrics. Perhaps more like a graffiti tag would.”

The common census is that Sweden is home to the world’s finest purveyors of popular songwriting, so much so that it practically runs in their blood. LINES are no exception. Having undoubtedly inherited the gift for melodic hooks, they’re sure to join the ranks of Sweden’s next generation of acclaimed musical exports.“If you know two music people in Stockholm, you’re probably only one person away from someone like Zara Larsson or from having an in with a big shot producer – it’s that small.”

It’s this close-knit community of Stockholm music makers that have helped propel LINES forward at a rapid pace. When Swedish pop star and long time friend of the band Tove Lo shared on her Facebook the video for LINES self-released debut single, an A&R at independent American label 300 Entertainment took note. LINES would eventually join 300’s roster alongside the likes of Young Thug and Anna of the North.

At their core, LINES are a band with DIY ethics – writing, producing and mixing their own material in their self-built studio. They’ve self-directed and produced their music videos and thrown their own 24 hour, not exactly legal, release parties. LINES now have their sights set on using their non-conformist pop to make a connection with audiences in their native Sweden and beyond. The band’s initial ambition to write a handful of super hits has bloomed into a full blown mission to ”redefine what a rock band can be.”

Fall in line, your new favorite band will see you now.

“LINES’ songwriting along with their blending of dark, gloomy hedonism and bright, modern electro-pop establishes the Stockholm-based group as one of 2018’s most unique rising talents” – Billboard
“This new LINES song is essential winter pop … and it’s incredible” – The FADER

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Swedish group, LINES team up with Dolores Haze for new track, "We Will Never Rule The World"