Swedish trio Wildhart share spectacular new single ‘Is It Possible’ – debut album ‘Shine’ out next Friday

Swedish trio Wildhart share spectacular new single ‘Is It Possible’ – debut album ‘Shine’ out next Friday

Gothenburg, Sweden based trio Wildhart reveal new single ‘Is It Possible’ – debut album ‘Shine’ out 11th November

– “an intriguing prospect.” THE LINE OF BEST FIT

– “deep, exploratory pop.” DIY

– “spectacular.” IDOLATOR

– “a cinematic sweep, but inside the shimmering structure lie some rather darker depths…exceptional pop” CLASH

– “oozing sensuality…Wildhart look set to be Scandinavia’s next big thing” NOTION


Swedish trio Wildhart announce reveal ‘Is It Possible’, the second single from their upcoming debut album – ‘Shine’.

Stream ‘Is It Possible’ – and watch its accompanying video

The entire album is also streaming a week ahead of its release over on The Hype Machine: http://hypem.com/premiere/wildhart

Wonderfully hard to pin down, this is deconstructed, effervescent, intriguing pop music, with a true Swedish heart. Wildhart manage to deftly incorporate elements of jazz, indie rock, and electronic pop – into one fluid hybrid.

Utilising a swirling cacophony of distant synth work on “Is It Possible” – Wildhart are showing yet another side to their intriguing electronically warped alt-pop. Shuffling percussion spearheads the track, with singer Ylva Holmdahl asking some deep questions – “is it possible to feel connected to something unreal?”.

Written about the other dimensions and beings that may or may not be around us – the track was inspired by a Swedish novel written by Maria Gripe, called “Agnes Cecilia – En sällsam historia”. A beautifully textured 5 minute long track, Wildhart switch things up around the half way mark – with the track mutating into a glorious druggy, abstract section – but seamlessly evolving back into its original guise towards the finale.

It’s very easy to get lost in Wildhart’s world. Not intent on writing music with that instant, conventional pop hook – Wildhart clearly want their fans to take their time with the music their creating; to slowly bring them into their captivating world.

“’Is It Possible’ is about the different dimensions and other beings that surround us,” the band explain. “The lyrics are inspired by a story called “Agnes Cecilia – En sällsam historia”, written by Maria Gripe. In the movie, you follow a girl called Nora who experiences strange things happening around her. She gets strange calls, and signs that keep her out of trouble. A guardian angel watches out for her. The song is a bit spooky and consists of a lot of layers, just like existence; both the things you can understand and those you cannot.”

Wildhart’s atmospheric sound has already seen comparisons to the icy Scandinavian qualities of acts like Little Dragon. Recorded entirely in synth-player Kiwi Berg’s basement – new album ‘Shine’ however never really stays true to one genre. Arguably comparable to Minneapolis synth rock outfit POLIÇA, and Californian quartet Warpaint – Wildhart are swiftly becoming one of the most exciting, and interesting outfits coming out of Scandinavia right now.


HIGH RES PHOTO/SINGLE + ALBUM ARTWORK: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/v6fndaagto21v2e/AAAAIj2UG6f0069NtsJf85uGa?dl=0

Wildhart’s debut album ‘Shine’ will be released 11th November, via Swedish label Gaphals.

Preorder CD/vinyl here: https://gaphals.bandcamp.com/album/wildhart-shine

Wildhart are: Ylva Holmdahl (vocals), Kiwi Berg (synthesizers) and Josefin Runsteen (drums).

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wildhartmusic/

Website: http://wildhart.se

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Swedish trio Wildhart share spectacular new single ‘Is It Possible’ – debut album ‘Shine’ out next Friday