Swim Mountain share Beyoncé cover

Swim Mountain share Beyoncé cover


Swim Mountain are London 4-piece Tom Skyrme, Joff Macey, Andrew Misuraca and Teej Marshall. The band recently released their debut EP Swim Mountain, a psych-pop collage of sounds fusing ‘60s studio ethics and modern production techniques, on South-London label Hey Moon. It featured the singles ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Dream It Real’.


Today, they’ve shared a cover of Beyoncé’s ‘Love On Top’. Swim Mountain frontman, songwriter and producer Tom recently finished writing the band’s debut album and wanted to cover a pop song as a means of cleansing his sonic palette before beginning the recording process. He takes up the story…

“Initially, it was going to be ‘End Of The Road’ by Boys II Men because it’s one of my favourite songs, the chords are beautiful, totally out-and-out jazz chords and the live band and I play it a lot joking around in rehearsal but it’s been covered so much I decided against it. Then I thought of Frank Ocean – ‘Sweet Life’ because I really dug it when I heard it but the song doesn’t actually go anywhere it just repeats the same chords, it’s Frank’s voice that carries it so I got bored of that and carried on looking. That’s when I remembered how much I loved that Beyoncé track ‘Love On Top’.

“Even though the original track is about 4 years old I only heard it last year, I hadn’t actually bothered listening to much Beyoncé before that. I was at The Grove (LA) and they pump music out of these speakers everywhere you walk, like some sort of Disneyland but for people who love shopping (I don’t love shopping, I was there to eat shit loads of food). The song got played and blew my mind, those beautiful chords, the top line killed me and it fucking modulated like a madman, which no one does anymore. It sounded like some track Whitney Houston would have done in the 80s. She’s the fucking best.

“It’s a bit of a laugh. The only difference is that I actually modulate down instead of up at the end, which is strange because I thought it would sound weird but it actually sounds like it still goes up at first? Trippy maaan! I wanted to keep it a fun cover and I think it nicely sets up the evolution in sound that the next record has, there’s been a big gap between recording the first EP and now and I didn’t want to just do it the same, it’s definitely going to feel like it’s from the same place but different, more evolved? Basically, there’s a lot more weird old synths and less phaser.”


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Swim Mountain share Beyoncé cover