Sylosis to Support Lamb of God

Sylosis to Support Lamb of God

“Little known secret; METALLICA’s …And Justice For All and DEATH’s Symbolic record had a baby. It was tossed into a junkyard and forgotten about. It ate metal and drank gasoline until it broke free and began to kill. SYLOSIS defines modern speed metal. Chris Adler (LAMB OF GOD) on “Monolith”

After a great end of 2012 on tour with Lamb of God and In Flames in the USA, a headline tour of the UK in January 2013 and a UK tour supporting the mighty Killswitch Engage in May 2013, road veterans Sylosis, will be back supporting Lamb of God on their one off English club show in Wolverhampton on 13th August 2013.

The band released their album “Monolith” in October 2012. The critically acclaimed release was a concept album inspired by aspects of Greek Mythology.

Guitarist/Vocalist Josh Middleton says: “Monolith is the best representation of us as a band in terms of our diverse influences, and stylistically it’s what we’ve always been aiming for. A mixture of thrash, big doomy riffs and dark atmospherics and ambience. The idea for the concept was very loosely inspired by the Greek tale of Orpheus and Eurydice,” continued Middleton. “It’s quite far-fetched but it’s about this guy who loses his wife and tries to bring her back from underworld. This giant monolith starts to grow out of her tomb. The most prevalent theme beneath it all is sort of accepting that you might not be as nice a person as you once thought. It sounds really cheesy but everyone has a darker side to their personality in terms of being selfish, manipulative or dishonest.”

In 2008, an unknown quartet from Reading, England released their debut album “Conclusion Of An Age” via Nuclear Blast Records, and made an instant impact on the European metal Scene. Sylosis’ blend modern thrash and traditional prog elements to create their own unique brutal sound.

Check out the bands video for “Fear The World”, taken from the latest album Monolith.

Sylosis are: Josh Middleton (Vocals, guitars), Alex Bailey (Guitars), Carl Parnell (Bass) and Rob Callard (Drums).

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Sylosis to Support Lamb of God