Tall Firs – ‘Winter Wind’ video now public…

Tall Firs – ‘Winter Wind’ video now public…

TALL FIRS  present this video for  ‘Winter Wind’

directed by Matt Peccini


Ok, the sun is shining, and the title has ‘Winter’ in it…

“‘Winter Wind’ is a love song to my wife and also to nostalgia. In a way, yearning for her is as romantic for me as when she’s around. I guess I like the poetry of love almost as much as the real thing, that’s what’s up with the line ‘I’m in love with pining on’.” Dave Mies

The track features, alongside the duo of Aaron Mullan and Davie Mies, Kathy Leisen of Glass Rock on haunting backing vocals: together she and Dave create an emotive dynamic.


TALL FIRS – ‘Ghostlight Ensemble’

ATP Recordings

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“Sonic Youth acolytes attain a rare subtle beauty…Two guitars and vocals haven’t sounded this good since Jimmy Page and Roy Harper carved out ‘The Same Old Rock’.” Uncut

“Really calming vibes but also a low-level heaviness sort of thing going on… if you like feeling good and warm, you should get it.” Vice

Listen to ‘Ghostlight’ here:

TALL FIRS are set to release their first album since 2012’s ‘Out of It and Into It’

The duo, comprising Aaron Mullan and Dave Mies have only played a handful of festivals and shows since their 2013 US tour with Jeff Mangum, while concentrating on health and family. Yet in the shadows, they’ve been laboring away on a collaborative set of recordings more sonically expansive than any of their previous work.

The nucleus of the project is an eviscerating ten-song collection written and recorded in bare-bones fashion by Dave Mies. Building on that foundation, the duo went about collecting accompaniments and improvisations by a host of brilliant musicians they’ve worked with over the years. After they’d amassed a veritable library of takes and sometimes wildly different retakes of the same songs, Tall Firs painstakingly edited and mixed the final product. The result is an incredibly lush, unpredictable album that hangs together as a long-form work of sound exploration, as well as a collection of lyric-driven songs with legs enough to stand alone.

‘Ghostlight Ensemble’ is a series of tender letters addressed to friends and lovers – as well as a few unlikely recipients like chronic illness and unkind reviewers. Musically, it’s a conversation between seasoned players, alternately hushed or howled depending on the moment.

Players include members of Thurston Moore Band, Sparklehorse, Candy Machine, Soft Location, Jackie-O Motherfucker, Glass Rock, Hallogallo, Jukeboxer, and a million other projects these accomplished musicians have contributed to.

“…a muscularity that recalls Neil Young in one of his more ornery moods, or a beefed-up Galaxie 500.” The Guardian

“…this wonderfully bleak record exists in a cocoon of early-hours introspection, with melancholy guitars rippling around the pair’s half-whispered vocals” Q

“Thoughtful, eloquent and in waiting to provide a compassionate embrace.” Clash

“One of the finer experiences New York NEW rock has to offer. Daring and delicious” Thurston Moore

“…all comparisons are to greats; it grows and grows, slow roots beneath Northwest American forests. And all that’s in-between – loveless troubles, picked-out constellations, reflective guitar parts for shoe-gazing or field-grazing – would be at home on literal stretches of road, winding up into dusky glades… Reasons for a recommendation.” Plan B

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Tall Firs – ‘Winter Wind’ video now public…