Tamara Williamson Posts ‘Who’s Next’

Tamara Williamson Posts ‘Who’s Next’

My video for ‘Who’s Next’ is out today – please take a minute to watch + listen to below.

‘Who’s Next’ is the raw version of my collaboration with Absolutely Free which was entitled ‘The Next One‘ (released on Arts & Crafts). It’s third single off my upcoming album, ‘Sister Mother Daughter Wife’.

I suppose over the years it’s easy to start living in a bubble that you’ve created. I wrote this record when that bubble was burst by the story of Victoria. It was then that I started thinking about stories of women where their civil liberties had been overridden, all these terrible situations. I was blown away by them, and they led to a lot of conversations with friends and people I know. I started to think about the difficulties of women reporting men, and how they can stay silent. I came to the conclusion that you don’t get to live with it–it’ll follow you around your whole life. So the bottom line for me is that you have to think about the next person, and you have to be strong for them, because they could end up far worse off than you did.

The video exemplifies those feelings of hopelessness and loneliness starting to disappear when speaking out…together.

All of the stories I have written as part of this album are not mine but they belong to all of us. It’s the world we live in.

Thanks for listening,

Tamara Williamson 


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Tamara Williamson Posts ‘Who’s Next’