TAME IMPALA: making of their new album / In concert at Rock En Seine.

TAME IMPALA: making of their new album / In concert at Rock En Seine.

TAME IMPALA : making of de leur nouvel album + en concert à Rock En Seine !

In concert at Rock En Seine Sunday, August 30



Released 07/17/15

Modular Recordings / Caroline

Much has changed since the appearance in 2008 of Tame Impala with a first EP of dusty records. Kevin Parker, however, has not changed his way of designing a recording, even if the sound that comes out of his home studio was wide open, as the number of people interested in the fruit of his work widened. In the third album of Tame Impala, entitled Currents, Kevin Parker tackles an extremely colourful range of issues related to the transition with an audacity and a spirit of adventure that not previously knew him.

TAME IMPALA Video making of their new album “Currents”

With introspective lyrics of great wealth, but also a lightness, a daring and unprecedented musical diversity in Tame Impala far Currents is the album that Parker down arms for better embrace change as the only constant and single – whether musically, thematically and staff.

Musically, Currents is the result of the work of a goldsmith at the top of his game that is fun, Kevin Parker indeed fully surrenders to his passion and does not hesitate to go through with his idea.

Real group by himself in the studio, Kevin Parker draws on contemporary hip hop, Thriller, the good old funk 70s, Daft Punk’s Discovery, Futuristic poignant ballads and pop of the 80s, all through the filter of a third modern psychedelic eye. This learned sound cocktail, fruit of great curiosity and sensitivity, is actually a new exciting territory for Tame Impala.

In terms of very different words we discover a Kevin Parker from that of there 7 years. Evoking the transitions of life, in relationships, outlook, mindset – Currents draws the evolution of Parker through these experiences and unveils a completely different side of him. In Innerspeaker released in 2010 and published in 2012 lonerism, Tame Impala was a bit like the guy who wanted to enter while remaining outside, now that he is inside he directed the spotlight on himself. Stopping to get back on the road travelled, its current situation and the path ahead of him, Currents actually reflects a tumultuous period.

Clip “Cause I’m A Man”

Let It Happen, released the first title of this new album, gives an overview quite revealing. Within eight minutes, Let It Happen through a myriad of soundscapes. If the auditor was first rocked by familiar sounds, first with the battery soon accompanied by the voice of Parker, the title then escapes in a kind of cosmos, once inhabited only French robots on a melody throbbing with loops in poor condition and a synthetic orchestration followed by a vocoder before ending on snippets of guitar riffs.

In the first recordings of Tame Impala voice of Kevin had drowned under a layer of fuzz pedals psyche, full of reverb effects while he interpreted the texts full of ambiguities. Currents in his voice became distinct and clear, so it does not beat around the bush.

Designed in the plane, car, hotel or elsewhere since the finalization of lonerism in 2012, assembled in late 2014 and early 2015 at his home in Fremantle in Australia, Currents was written, performed, recorded, produced and mixed Kevin Parker.

Tame Impala presents itself Currents, a soundtrack turbulence of life.


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TAME IMPALA: making of their new album / In concert at Rock En Seine.