Tatum Rush | Video Release!

Tatum Rush | Video Release!

Tatum Rush | Music Video Release

Premiere on, Kaltblut & Noisey

Tatum Rush is releasing internationally “Mini Girls” amazing video.


Tatum Rushs immediately lovable pop music and smooth disco-snake persona emerge from late-night dead-end alley smoke like one of Thriller’s zombies. He can also be found slouched on a sofa, sponge hotel slippers on his feet, reading Dostoyevsky and sipping on rosé wine.
His upcoming album Mini Girls will feature international artists including legendary Zap Mama. Tatum lists collaborations with artists such as Richard Dorfmeister, Aeed, Bauchamp, Domi Chansorn and Ceri. Tatum Rush’s shows are characterized by the presence of his entourage and fit an underground NY noise club as much as they fit an aristocratic wedding on a Dubai rooftop.
With the single MINI GIRLS Tatum evokes an improbable contemporary archetype:
Late-teen girls congenitally drawn to things like menthol cigarettes, drinking, kissing, Chris Marker documentaries about post-colonialism, Uber, Instagram, continental philosophy, yoga tutorials, swag hats, memes, Sorbonne professors, high-ceiling apartments, psychomagic … Tatum Rush.

Click on Image to watch “Mini Girls” on Youtube.

Check it out here :
Kaltblut Magazine
Noisey CH
Noisey IT

The videoclip was shot in Paris, produced by Collection, directed by Mathieu Cacheux, and written by Mathieu Cacheux and Tatum Rush, starring Vera Derrida, Claire Laffut (GUM Records), Aomi Muyock (Love, 2015, Gaspar Noé).



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Tatum Rush | Video Release!