The Action Swingers ‘Quit While You’re Ahead’ Compilation Released May 26th

The Action Swingers ‘Quit While You’re Ahead’ Compilation Released May 26th

ACTION SWINGERS Quit While You’re Ahead

Released May 26th Through In The Red Records

Back in 1989, the Action Swingers burst onto the NY underground music scene with one of the nastiest, snottiest, pissed-off seven inch releases of all time. Written in 15 minutes, rehearsed only once and recorded for $100, Kicked In The Head backed by Bum My Trip was an immediate slap in the face of garage punk fury. The band was the brainchild of singer/guitarist/song-writer Ned Hayden, who had previously played in the Nightmares and Pontiac Brothers. Backing him on their debut single was Julie Cafritz (Pussy Galore) on guitar and Johan Kugelburg on drums. The combination of Hayden’s bile-spewing vocals, the fuzzed-out cavernous guitars and the trashcan drums made their debut single an immediate classic. Shortly after the single was released, Kugelburg was relieved of drum duties and replaced by Don Fleming, who played drums on the band’s follow-up single, Fear Of A Fucked Up Planet. J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr) filled in on drums when Fleming departed.

For the better part of the 90’s, the band continued to record and release a slew of incredible albums and singles on various labels and became a revolving door for East Coast musicians. In addition to those named above, the band featured Bob Bert (Sonic Youth, Pussy Galore), Pete Shore (Unsane, Boss Hog), Howie Pyro (Blessed,

D Generation) and Bruce Bennett (A Bones) to name a few. The band toured Europe extensively, where they gained a loyal following, particularly in the UK, where they received much airplay from John Peel and written praise from Everett True in NME.
In 1994 Caroline Records issued a CD compiling the band’s first two singles with unreleased recordings from around the same period. Hilariously titled Quit While You’re Ahead by Hayden, this collection served as a nice reminder of just how brutal and raw the band was in the beginning. Previously unreleased tracks like Miserable Life and Losing My Cool are every bit as vitriolic and pulverizing as the tracks they had chosen to release. In The Red is now happy as a pig in shit to give this collection it’s first ever vinyl release. This is uneasy listening at it’s finest.

Quit While You’re Ahead Is Released May 26th

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The Action Swingers ‘Quit While You’re Ahead’ Compilation Released May 26th