The Best Rebellion Yet?

The Best Rebellion Yet?

Cocksparrer, The Damned, The Adicts, The Exploited; usually there’s the odd major headline band for the UK’s top punk festival, but this year, we have the full punk rock trifle!

The cherry on top? Confirmed today: THE DICKIES are also to play August 6th 2011 at the wonderful Winter Gardens in Blackpool.

It’s a bloody banquet of old school punktastic classics! Ticket prices are now £100, but boy is it worth it for this line-up.

Personally, last year’s festival solely excelled due to the presence of Bad Religion; and the rare psychobilly slots, MadSin, Demented Are Go and King Kurt. Gallows gave the line-up a bit of variation, but in the end, it is the big headline acts, whether they play around the country all year through, that make the punters happy.

A special treat this year: Rebellion is Cocksparrer’s only UK show of 2011, so the Ballroom will be full to the brim of ecstatic Riot Squaders.

Oh! I haven’t even mentioned The Business, The Boys, Subhumans, Anti Nowhere League, Slaughter and the Dogs, UK Subs, 999, The Beat, The Stupids, Capdown, Eddie and the Hot Rods, The Outcasts… even Demob have resurrected from the grave! For those flatheads/ psychobitchs out there: Mad Sin, The Creepshow, The Grit, and Frenzy.

One major disappointment: I had heard it on the grapevine that The Casualties were rumoured to be playing. The list of bands, however, appears to be minus the New York street punks.

Of course, the musical buffet is extensive, and who says this is the final running of events?

Keep an eye on this page for updates and the full listings… August can’t come soon enough!


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The Best Rebellion Yet?