The Big Sleep ‘Nature Experiments’

The Big Sleep ‘Nature Experiments’

The Big Sleep
‘Nature Experiments’
French Kiss Records
May 30th

‘Nature Experiments’ is the third album from duo The Big Sleep following 2006’s ‘Son Of The Tiger’ and 2008’s ‘Sleep Forever’.
A more collaborative creative process has helped to create an arresting record.
The Big Sleep sound embraces the light & dark shades of Shoegaze, coupled with a raw power and bold confidence – imagine Blood Red Shoes if Laura Mary Carter and Steven Ansell obsessed about My Bloody Valentine instead of Babes In Toyland.
Guitarist/Vocalist Danny Barria and Bassist/Vocalist Sonya Balchandani have crafted something very special here indeed, rarely does an album arrive with enough decent tracks to warrant a slew of single releases but ‘Nature Experiments’ fully delivers with the 10 tracks here all standouts.
Adrenalin charged ‘Valentine’ is one such highlight, ‘Ace’ is all powerchords locked around a huge chorus while ‘Four Wishes’ sees hard rock riffs lapse into lazed funk. When The Big Sleep unveil a softer side like on album closer ‘1001’ they can still rock harder than most contemporaries, melodic and powerful ‘Nature Experiments’ is the sound of a band fully realising their potential.


The band play a short UK tour in May
12/05 The Hope @ The Great Escape – Brighton (2.15pm)
14/05 Music In Beta @ The Castle – Manchester
15/05 Nice N Sleazys – Glasgow
16/05 The Barfly – London
17/05 Art Academy @ Liverpool Sound City – Liverpool

Jamie Gambino

The official video for ‘Valentine’

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The Big Sleep ‘Nature Experiments’