The Dirty Youth – Requiem of The Drunk (single review)

The Dirty Youth – Requiem of The Drunk (single review)

Requiem of The Drunk is the most recent single from Welsh, female fronted rockers The Dirty Youth. Ballsy rock and roll with a feminine yet not a soft twist is right up my street as well as songs about getting pissed.

The Dirty Youth have to be one of the countries hardest working bands and it’s great to see that all of their hard graft is now paying off. Having toured non stop since forming it’s refreshing to hear songs that are well structured and not just put out to fill a void.

A soaring riff along with the lyrics “I really think I need to get fucked up” speaks to me instantly as that’s my anthem for the end of every working week. From start to finish this song is filled with hooks through out.

The other tracks on this single Curtain Call and Sophie’s Song are also of a high calibre but it is obvious to why The Dirty Youth have chosen Requiem of The Drunk as their next single; a song with lyrics that everyone who has ever had a shit day and just wanted to hit the bottle can relate with. This is three minutes of unadulterated excess in music form.

If you like your rock with a classic edge whilst still being unique then get this track searched for. On closing I would like to invite The Dirty Youth to my flat the next time they are in Newcastle so we can get as they put it “fucked up”. 7.8/10

Chris Storey

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The Dirty Youth – Requiem of The Drunk (single review)