The Estranged + Weld April 9th 2018@Pop Recs, Sunderland

The Estranged + Weld April 9th 2018@Pop Recs, Sunderland

The costal city of Sunderland played host to another tasteful busy Monday night spent on Stockton Road for two charges Stockton’s three-piece Weld played support to The Estranged finishing off their European shows with just a one London date left.

Weld open with a barrage of noise, calmed only for a mantra vocal, clean cut lyrics, survive more well tuned distortion amid solid percussion which combine in places to capture an impressive soundscape on numerous occasions, the younger band are still progressing, but tonight garnered deserved crowd support.

The Estranged, from start to end, expand and explode my outdated se,i-formed band view. By the opening salvo of ‘Exhibition’, ‘Subliminal Man’ and ‘Defiantly Know’ showcases some of the better post-punk bands of modern day, bass and drums tight at times metronomic, like Sleaford Mods rhythm sample on ‘B.H.S. only more vibrant here live. Spearheaded by lead guitar and vocalist Mark Herman’ as a frontman flawless, ably matched with invention and variation by Derek Willman on bass and Keith Testeman strong percussion.

he band’s live performance  is polished, impassioned and and owned by the Portland based trio. After another impressive couplet of songs ending in ‘Fast Train’ personally I am fairly spellbound, before you dismiss well earned enthusiasm, I have seen a few thousand bands in my time. It’s possibly the combination of three talented musicians or Marks quality guitar play, the Pop Recs crowd and generated ambience. But as they plum two from their self-titled LP in ‘HIDE’ and ‘Fatalist Flaw’ which go down s well as everything tonight, it’s clear we are bearing witness to something positive with a lot of unashamed promise, killer set, well played, rounded off by the impressive ‘D.M.W.’ and ‘Nervous Blood.

Que smiles all round as cheers dimmed down, a great night’s musical entertainment, The Estrange should not be missed, go see. 8.2/10

Steve Janes


Stream ‘Subliminal Man’


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The Estranged + Weld April 9th 2018@Pop Recs, Sunderland