The Futureheads a ‘Rant’ Q&A

The Futureheads a ‘Rant’ Q&A

The Futureheads latest album Rant has entertained us all for the last few weeks. Time then, Lucy Galley sorted this entertaining Q&A interview. So prepare for all things ‘Rant’ oh, and the near future.

The Sunderland band kindly pushed forward Barry Hyde to field the questions,

1.       What are your inspirations/influences at the minute?

“We are currently making an acoustic album so we are constantly being inspired by new instruments. Ditching the earth-shattering guitars has given us so much space to play with, using mandolins, banjos, jaw harps, harmoniums, autoharps, and cellos. It’s like finding one of Willy Wonka’s golden tickets. We are Augustus Glupe.”

2.       How has the preparation to take the new record on the road differed from previous Futureheads records?

“We did about 45 rehearsals to prepare for the first batch of gigs for ‘Rant’, our average on the last three albums was probably 15, One of the great things about doing a cappella /acoustic music is that you can rehearse in your living room, that was really nice, a relaxing environment to attempt the hardest thing we’ve ever done.”

3.       Who makes the decision on which band member should sing which part?

“Our voices tend to decide, over the years they have slotted together. We all have our own ‘vocal territories’ and we protect them with our lives. Our Dave can sing so high that only dogs can hear him, Ross sings so low that it causes earthquakes, Jaff sings so loud that he frequently wakes the dead. I just shout and pout.”

4.       How have your fans responded to the new record?

“The response has been very surprising, people are loving this record, we knew the response would be strong but had no idea if it would be a general thumbs up or down. The thumbs seem to be skyward, the gigs, probably the most enjoyable, emotional gigs we have ever done. We must have done at least 800 gigs by now, to feel fresh after a 10 year punk assault course is amazing.

5.       Before the release of the rant album the Hyde brothers have been involved in other projects can you tell us a bit about those?

“Dave created Hyde and Beast and produced with his friend Neil Bassett (aka Beast) and wonderful album of soulful, skilful splendour. I’m very lucky to be in his band, he’s the best musician I know. Little shit.”

6.       Where do you see Futureheads going next?

“Well, I hope we can release another 2 albums this year, one a live album recorded when we toured Rant for the first time and one acoustic album that we are recording at the minute. We are having so much fun that I don’t mind really. We are closer than ever as a band and our music is feeling the benefit of that massively.”

For more info on The Futureheads and the new ‘Rant’ album visit you can also buy the album from WithGuitars store  HERE

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The Futureheads a ‘Rant’ Q&A