The GoGobots – Caught Backstage at Guilfest

The GoGobots – Caught Backstage at Guilfest

Gogobotsshot1In the late afternoon onstage at this year’s Guilfest, The GooGoBots impressed Beverly Addy, and the rest of the With Guitars crew. Their sound, a cross between rock and pop; One look at the Scottish band’s influences may give a clue, Muse, Queen, Sparks, Scissor Sisters are all mentioned in their press release, and in our humble opinion, not too  far off the mark, when trying to describe the Go Go Bots infectious sound.

gogobotsAs part of their meteoric-rise Go Go Bot were buzzing with confidence when they got on the Good Times Stage for Guilfest 2011 and the audience loved them.

Backstage Marko Kelly, Rosie McClune and Gordon McNeil revealed their whirlwind year had followed a whole 12months in the studio.

They have been playing live in the north early this year at T In The Park, among other events, but Guilfest was their first foray down south and Marko said the family friendly festival “was civilised compared with the rabble we get up north”.

“It is such a beautiful day. It was a good feeling to do a full hour set. So far mostly they’ve been half hours. We have spent an entire year in the studio stuck to keyboards and amps. Last year was hard work, but this year is fun. It’s being very good fun to say ‘Hi’ to everyone finally getting out and playing live. We love talking to people,” added Marko

They’re looking forward to being out on the road for the rest of the year under their “cracking new management” as Marko put it, and he is looking forward to the release of their new single Turn The World Around is out on August 1st which you can hear on YouTube by going to

“Our new single has a more broad appeal, a bit of a softer edge,” added Marko.

Gordon said: “As we’ve been playing it, it seems to have touched people.”

BBC Radio’s Steve Lemacq and DJ Jim Gellatly, dubbed the voice of ‘new music in Scotland’ radio, have been among Go Go Bot’s biggest supporters over this past year and the band left Guilfest to support Simple Minds the next night, which closely follows playing support for JLS – quite a mix – but that’s not unusual for Go Go Bot and totally reflective of their eclectic appeal.

Next year the band is bringing out their album which means a return to the studio but Marko stressed they would not be going off the live scene.

“We are just starting writing it but we are not going into our cave,” he added, and they can be seen live at Bestival on September 8th.

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The GoGobots – Caught Backstage at Guilfest