THE GONZO SHOW – ‘Roxy’s Rage’ Single & Video

THE GONZO SHOW – ‘Roxy’s Rage’ Single & Video

“Roxy’s Rage” by The Gonzo Show will be released 27th of November 2015.

‘Roxy’s Rage’


Early formations of The Gonzo Show date as far back as the mid-late 90s in the depths of Brisbane suburbia. This was where dual guitarists / vocalists Anthony Nowak / John Rowell forged a hazy, stoner, psychedelic sound with original drummer Mick Nowak and a veritable cast of ring-ins. These sessions could be best described as, hazy, stoner and fairly psychedelic.
Fast forward to 2006, the band has evolved into a 90’s revival, indie-rock 5 piece and embarked on numerous local and national tours including being selected as one of only two interstate bands to attend and showcase at the 2010 Western Australian Music Industry (WAMI) Conference. 2015 will see the release of their single ‘Roxy’s Rage’ leaving nothing to the imagination. The A&R Department and Shock Records kindly pushed it through the cracks.
The Gonzo Show‘s previous material was recorded with Bryce Moorhead who produced the with Violent Soho album. ‘Roxy’s Rage’ is the first single off The Gonzo Show’s forthcoming album Overfed. The song, along with the album, was recorded at Galapoland Studios and produced by Luke Koster. Luke, who was both excited with the songs and heavily under the influence of case-loads of beer (as payment for his offering to record at his studio) was unable to resist, becoming a fully-fledged member of the band before the album was finished.
The song is upbeat in spirit and showcases the band’s diversity and the interplay between both guitars and vocalists.
Anthony Nowak says of the song: “Being of proud German/Polish extraction, I love sausages. Anyway I can get them. My dog’s name is Roxy and, hello?, is a sausage dog. One time, at band camp, she became very pissed off that I wasn’t showing her any attention and went into a jealous raged-barking fit. Such is the title of the song. To help calm Roxy down, I promised to ensure the little snag featured prominently on the album’s artwork. This was achieved, much to the bemusement of the rest of the band. I am grateful for their understanding. And for Roxy’s.”
The Gonzo Show will release their first full length album Overfed in 2016.
Upcoming Shows:
26 November 2015 – The Zoo, Brisbane
3 December 2015 – The Valve, Sydney
4 December 2015 – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
6 December 2015 – The Brunswick Hotel, Melbourne

“Roxy’s Rage” by THE GONZO SHOW will be released 27th of November 2015.

Watch the video:

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THE GONZO SHOW – ‘Roxy’s Rage’ Single & Video