The Grand Gestures return with a new album ‘Second’ on October 7th via Chute Records.

The Grand Gestures return with a new album ‘Second’ on October 7th via Chute Records.

The Grand ‘Gestures ‘Second’ album Autumn release via Chute Records
The recording process from 1st to 2nd album remained the same – Jan created the music on an old Korg MS10 he bought many years ago from the Associates singer Billy MacKenzie’s father shop in Dundee and a Casio keyboard which The Human League used on their groundbreaking album ‘Dare’.    The various vocalists were sent an instrumental CD in the post and asked to write their own lyrics and melody.  The singers then visited Jan’s home in Glasgow where they recorded their vocals on a 16-track recorder in his bathroom.  After the recording, their host cooked them a curry lunch, not in his bathroom of course, but in his kitchen.
STREAM: ‘Running With Scissors’ (feat Emma Pollock) HERE

Debut album collaborators including Mercury Prize nominee Emma Pollock ex of The Delgados, Jill O’Sullivan of Sparrow & The Workshop, painter Celie Byrne and actor Sanjeev Kohli return to ‘Second’ and are joined by new additions, notably recent Scottish Album of The Year (SAY) winner RM Hubbert and folk artist Pauline Alexander.  The genre bending electro funk, disco and mournful folk pop sounds of ‘The Grand Gestures” continue on the new album and Queen fans will be intrigued to hear Sanjeev Kohli’s weird and wonderful spoken word track ‘The Spree Of Brian May” which brings to ‘Second’ what Kohli’s ode to Chris De Burgh brought to the first album.

The Grand Gestures came together in 2012 with Jan Burnett ”…wanting to make a record with other people. My other band, Spare Snare, does its thing and I just wanted to do something different. It was deliberately different. I didn’t want to have my vocal on it because that’s what I do with the other things. I’m a massive fan of late ’70s, early ’80s twelve inch records, so I’m always looking for good beats and samples. Before I did The Grand Gestures, I did a thing called ‘The Beatles, Etcetera‘, which is a quote from Bill Drummond’s ‘45‘ book, a throwaway line. It was all Radio 4 samples and loops and lots of stolen things, but none of my vocals on it. So I was trying to extend that a little bit by doing the music myself and bringing in other people.”  The result was the self-titled debut album “The Grand Gestures”:
“Scotland has been enjoying an indie music resurgence of late – so there’s no better time for a new album with contributions from some of the scene’s biggest names.  The Grand Gestures is the project of Spare Snare’s Jan Burnett, who invites friends, including Scottish Album of the Year (SAY) winner RM Hubbert, to write lyrics and record the tracks in his bathroom. “Running With Scissors”, featuring the vocals of former Delgado Emma Pollock, is a good taster of what’s t come in October –”  – The Independent

”This idea is brilliant : Founding member Jan Burnett writes music, gets others to add vocals, then invites them round to record straight to tape, with a curry thrown in for good measure, The Grand Gestures is unique” – (5/5) Artrocker

“No other collaborative effort has been done quite like this, where else would you record vocals in the bathroom and be paid in curry?  The results are quite magical and funny and totally memorable.  One of my albums of the year”Edith Bowman (Radio 1)

“An interesting and artistically creative way to tell a story about Wimbledon backed by cool musicPat Cash, 1987 Wimbledon Champion re ‘The Ballad Of SW19’ from the debut album.

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The Grand Gestures return with a new album ‘Second’ on October 7th via Chute Records.