The Misfits–O2 Academy, Newcastle April 7th 2013

The Misfits–O2 Academy, Newcastle April 7th 2013

After winning four tickets to see The Misfits I can say that I was more than a little excited. My friends and I made it to the Academy just as The Misfits were taking to the stage and we were hoping for what should have been a great show.

The Misfits have been around over three decades and their current bass player and vocalist Jerry Only is the only original member in this line up. Despite this I was still excited to see the band as they are legends in the punk rock circle. Over and hour later I began to wonder why.

The Misfits played a set consisting of new material from their latest album The Devils Rain which was released in early 2012 and a mixture of golden oldies. Despite a varied set there was something that just didn’t hit home tonight.

It may have been the sound quality being below par, the fact that I discovered that I wasn’t the only winner and that about fifty people in the crowd had won tickets or maybe it could have been the fact there was little movement in what was a sparsely populated venue.

Songs like Saturday Night and Die Die My Darling and Scream are sang back at the band by every member of the audience but there still seems to be something lacking. Is it wrong that I wanted to tell one of the worlds most influential punk bands to get back to the rehearsal space and sort their chops out before hitting the stage again?

We have to give Jerry Only and his motley crew kudos though for giving a younger audience a chance to see some form of what used to be The Misfits but it is blatant to say that the band are past it, although it may have been the dire sound quality that dampened the show. No matter where I stood in the venue all I could mainly here was bass drum. If you can’t mix a punk band then you are not worth your weight as a sound engineer.

The Misfits are not what they once were, but they must be giving credit for still touring and as long as they still have an audience there is no reason for Jerry Only to pull the plug on this punk rock monster. 7.8/10
Chris Storey

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The Misfits–O2 Academy, Newcastle April 7th 2013