The Mission: ‘Singles A’s & B’s – the Singles in detail

The Mission: ‘Singles A’s & B’s – the Singles in detail


Serpent’s Kiss b/w Wake (RSV) [Chap6/7] Rel. 26/5/86, UK Chart Position No.70 (UK Indie Chart No.1)

The band’s first single was released on Birmingham’s Chapter 22 Records.  It was recorded and produced by the band at Slaughterhouse studios in Driffield, East Yorkshire in October ‘85.  The same session also yielded ‘Naked & Savage’ which appeared on the 12” version of the single, its follow-up ‘Garden of Delight’ and an unreleased version of ‘Burning Bridges’. The latter finally appeared on the remastered version of the compilation ‘The First Chapter’ album in 2007.

Garden of Delight [7” Edit] b/w Like A Hurricane [Radio Edit] [Cat No. Chap7]

Rel. 21/7/86, UK Chart Position No.49 (UK Indie Chart No.1)

The follow-up single, also released on Chapter 22 was a double ‘A’ sided release backed with a cover of Neil Young’s ‘Like A Hurricane’.  With ‘Garden of Delight’ already in the can, the band recorded a second session at the Slaughterhouse in May ’86.  This time recording ‘Like A Hurricane’, ‘Over The Hills And Far Away’, ‘The Crystal Ocean’ and a second cover, ‘Dancing Barefoot’ by Patti Smith.   Also included on this compilation is ‘The Crystal Ocean [Edit]’ from the 12” single.


Stay With Me [Radio Edit] b/w Blood Brothers [MYTH1]

Rel: 13/10/86, UK Chart Position No.40

The band signed to Phonogram in July ’86 and released ‘Stay With Me’ as their next single recording at London’s Uptopia Studios with producer Tim Palmer.  Along with the single, they recorded the b-side ‘Blood Brothers’ and album track ‘Let Sleeping Dogs Die’.  This radio edit was only available on a promotional 7” MYTHDJ1.


Wasteland [7” Edit] b/w Shelter From The Storm (Live Edit Version) [MYTH2]

Rel. 12/1/87, UK Chart Position No.11

After the release of the debut album ‘God’s Own Medicine’ in November ’86, their next single was an edited version of ‘Wasteland’.  The b-sides were made up of live recordings taken from the first leg of their World Crusade Tour the previous November – included here is the edited version of the live favourite ‘Shelter From The Storm’.

Severina [Radio Edit] b/w Tomorrow Never Knows [MYTH3]

Rel. 9/3/87, UK Chart Position No.25

‘Severina’ was the third and final single taken from ‘Gods Own Medicine’.  The track features guest vocals from Julianne Regan of All About Eve.  The b-sides were cover versions of The Beatles ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ and Free’s ‘Wishing Well’.  This single also marked the first of seven appearances on the BBC’s Top of The Tops.


Tower of Strength [Radio Edit] b/w Fabienne, Breathe (Vocal) [MYTH4]

Rel. 8/2/88, UK Chart Position No.12

The latter half of 1987 was spent writing and recording their second album, ‘Children’ at The Manor Studios in Oxfordshire with Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones producing.  The results spawned a more mature rock sound in the band, best shown with this single.  This radio edit was only available on a promotional 7” MYTHDJ4.


Beyond The Pale [7” Edit] b/w Forever More [MYTH6]

Rel: 18/4/88, UK Chart Position No.32

This is the second single taken from the ‘Children’ album released whilst the band were midway through their World tour. The 12” version features the haunting ‘Forever More’.


Kingdom Come [Radio Mix] b/w Childs Play (Live) [MYTH7]

Rel: Unreleased Single

‘Kingdom Come’ was to be the third single from the ‘Children’ album and planned to coincide with the band’s UK Arena Tour.  A video was shot and promotional 12”s were sent out to media, but ultimately the release was shelved.  This is the previously unreleased single mix.


Butterfly On A Wheel [Euro Version Edit] b/w The Grip of Disease [MYTH8]

Rel: 8/1/90, UK Chart Position No.12

After a 2-year gap from their last album the band returned in 1990 with the melancholic ‘Butterfly On A Wheel’ and album ‘Carved In Sand’.  This time they returned to ‘God’s Own Medicine’ producer Tim Palmer and recorded at Surrey’s famous residential Jacob Studios.  The b-side was premiered on a BBC Radio One session in September 1988.  The version on this compilation is the European single version.


Deliverance [Radio Edit] b/w Mr. Pleasant [MYTH9]

Rel: 5/3/90, UK Chart Position No.27

This was released to coincide with the band’s European tour.  The track was already a firm fan favourite after being debuted during their headlined appearance at the Reading Festival and on a BBC Radio One session the previous year.  The b-side was a cover of The Kinks ‘Mr Pleasant’, itself a b-side of their ‘Autumn Almanac’ single in 1967.


Into The Blue [7” Edit] b/w Bird of Passage [Edit] [MYTH10]

Rel: 28/5/90, UK Chart Position No.32

The third and final single from the ‘Carved In Sands’ album.  This track features Bowie sideman Reeves Gabrels on guitar.  The b-side is an edited version of ‘Bird of Passage’.


Hands Across The Ocean b/w Amelia, Love [MYTH11]

Rel: 12/11/90, UK Chart Position 28

Produced by XTC main man Andy Partridge, ‘Hands Across The Ocean’ was the lead single from the album ‘Grains of Sand’.  The album was a compilation of b-sides and out-takes from the ‘Carved In Sand’ sessions.  The b-side featured a charged live version of ‘Amelia’ and a cover of John Lennon’s ‘Love’.


Never Again [7” Edit] b/w Beautiful Chaos [MYTH12]

Rel: 20/4/92, UK Chart Position No.34

Released ahead of their 4th studio album ‘Masque’, ‘Never Again’ showed a band trying to broaden their sound and move into a more indie electronic sound.  This was the first new material released after guitarist Simon Hinkler had left the band during the ‘Carved In Sand’ tour.  The album itself was recorded in a barn in Herefordshire with producer Mark Saunders.  The b-side was non-album track ‘Beautiful Chaos’ alongside various club remixes.


Like A Child Again [Single Remix] b/w All Tangled Up In You [MYTH13]

Rel: 15/6/92, UK Chart Position No.30

The second single released from the album features Fairport Convention violinist, Ric Saunders.  The b-side ‘All Tangled Up In You’ was premiered at a one off concert the band had played the previous summer at London’s Finsbury Park to 30,000 people.


Shades of Green [Single Remix] b/w You Make Me Breathe (Barn Mix) [MYTH14]

Rel:  5/10/92, UK Chart Position No.49

A Utah Saints remix of ‘Shades of Green’ was the next single to be released from the ‘Masque’ album.  The various formats also featured further remixes, including ‘You Make Me Breathe [Barn Mix]’.


Tower of Strength (East India Trans Cairo Edit Mix) b/w Wasteland [Musketeer Mix] [MYTH15]

Rel: 3/1/94, UK Chart Position No.33

The next release was a remixed version of ‘Tower of Strength’ to coincide with the Best Of compilation ‘Sum & Substance’.  Again, similar to recent releases there were various dance mixes featured across formats.


Afterglow [7” Edit Olympic Mix] b/w Sour-Puss (Glamour Puss Mix) [MYTH16]

Rel: 21/3/94, UK Chart Position No.53

The band’s final single release on Phonogram Records was a new song, ‘Afterglow’, which showed the band returning to a more guitar rock sound.  Both A and B-sides were remixed versions from the ‘Sum & Substance’ compilation.

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The Mission: ‘Singles A’s & B’s – the Singles in detail