“The Ozzy Years – Complete Albums Box Set

“The Ozzy Years – Complete Albums Box Set


Here at With Guitars HQ, we thought we would remind you of a great Ozzy Osbourne era album boxset that both sounds and looks the dogs bollocks.



Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward – four names that resonate throughout Rock’s recorded history as clear and sublime as the haunting bell that tolls the opening to their eponymous debut album from 1970.

Collectively, they formed Black Sabbath and forged the most haunting and hypnotic rock sound of all time. From humble beginnings, the Birmingham quartet enslaved the minds and souls of millions of rock fans around the world and continue to do so into the new millennium. The musical genre they created inspired countless musicians and spawned countless bands. Hailed as Metal’s originators, their musical contributions to the world are still formidable and current forty years later. Their unique sound still echoes in many of today’s greatest Metal bands. Black Sabbath, established now in the forever of Metal’s ongoing musical progression, beckon and await you to enjoy their triumphs within.

This deluxe box set contains all the Ozzy era Black Sabbath albums housed in a Black Cross, the box also contains a 100 page exclusive Illustrated discography featuring rare covers from throughout the ‘world.The box set will include: A Complete albums set in exclusive Japanese Miniatures, housed in Cross with booklet Black Sabbath; the albums ‘Paranoid’, ‘Master Of Reality’, ‘Volume 4’,  ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’, ‘Sabotage’, ‘Technical Ecstasy’, ‘Never Say Die’and ‘We Sold Our Souls’. The Cross also contains  a complete 100 page Ozzy Years Discography; Three Exclusive Radio Documentaries, a Guitar Pick Set and poster. Go on spoil yourself, it should be on the shop shelves now.



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“The Ozzy Years – Complete Albums Box Set