The So So Glos Tour UK This Week, Stream ‘Lost Weekend’

The So So Glos Tour UK This Week, Stream ‘Lost Weekend’

Following on from playing the Brooklyn festival in Sweden, Brooklyn NY’s The So So Glos are set to tour the UK this week. After supporting Dum Dum Girls in Copenhagen and a series of Amsterdam and Paris shows, The So So Glos hit the UK on the dates below:

Sept 3rd  –  Vega Copenhagen  (supporting Dum Dum Girls)
Sept 4th –    Café Ludwig Amsterdam
Sept 5th   –  Espace Paris
Sept 6th  –    Dublin Castle London
Sept 7th –   Brixton Windmill  London
Sept 8th   –   Brudnell Social Club Leeds
Sept 10th –    Old Blue Last  London

Stream a taster of what to expect with propulsive poppy new track ‘Lost Weekend’, taken from brand new album ‘Blowout’ out on Slumberland Records:

More than a small trickle of Brooklyn-based indie bands have made their way from the dirty hipster-ridden streets of Williamsburg to the stages and pages of the United Kingdom.  And why stop now?   But wait… there’s more.
The So So Glos are different.
Unlike recent suburban transplants to Brooklyn, The So So Glos formed as kid brothers (brought together by divorce and remarriage) in the most unlikely neighborhood of Brooklyn – Bay Ridge.. Yes, the same neighborhood John Travolta made famous in ‘Saturday Night Fever’. “Why you gotta touch mah hair?”  That would be real, working-class South Brooklyn. Where marinara meatball subs are eaten; where three generations of one family live on the same building; where the same three generations of one family eat all those marinara subs that I just told you about.
Since their collective tween years, Brooklyn has most certainly changed, turning into maybe the most concentrated musical hotbed in the world. And the band transformed as well, becoming a cornerstone in the borough’s DIY scene. They participated in the the founding of celebrated all-ages venues Market Hotel and Shea Stadium, the latter being featured in a recent NY Times profile.
Tracks from their upcoming album, ‘Blowout’, have already received extensive airplay on Sirius/XM radio, and the band has touring with the likes of Matt & Kim, The Virgins and Titus Andronicus. Despite finding themselves championed by likes of controversial tastemakers Vice, the attention hasn’t cleaned up The So So Glos infectious sound. You’ll find no 80’s synth lines or twee mumblings.

Instead,  it’s (impeccably) produced raw pop-punk with unabashed hooks, evoking long-overlooked homages to The Clash, Operation Ivy, and the Ramones. Having made waves this summer with a headlining performance at CBGB Music Festival and glowing write-ups by NYC press, the band is ready to head back to the UK to remind Britons of how much fun New Yorkers can be…even without deodorant and laundry detergent.  It’s not all Sex And the City here, despite what Sky TV airs.

“A slice of power-pop so effortless and effervescent and well-executed, it doesn’t feel too crazy to suggest that it might have brothers and sisters just as irresistible.” – SPIN on ‘Lost Weekend’

“Their music is 1980s British punk revivalism, and their live shows are kick-you-in-the-face-then-cry-into-your-hands dance fests.” – VICE

“Hometown heroes: everyone who lives in Brooklyn is probably within three degrees of interpersonal separation from one of their members; they rule the underground, all-ages music scene in the city” – Blackbook Magazine

“The band is a snapping, snappy counterpart to the whole Beets/Knight School/Boogie Boarder no-fi Brooklyn pop scene, with a little more Clash and Billy Bragg bulging from their record collections.”
– The Village Voice

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The So So Glos Tour UK This Week, Stream ‘Lost Weekend’