The Terraces, Trillans, Newcastle, 5/12/2012

The Terraces, Trillans, Newcastle, 5/12/2012

On the first snowfall in the North East winter fell, we journeyed to the fare city of Newcastle, first thoughts of roast chestnuts and hot mulled wine soon evaporated, with talk of snow, ice and grit, mot a new cocktail, just the reality of the hallmark scenes of wintery landscape, on route to Trillans, in the city centre.

The Terraces are an “Anglo-Australian 4 piece, based for the most part in the Northern Territories of Oz. From their press release I note that they tag a number of first generation punk bands, to follow, as it were, in their wake is a brave thing, to mention bands like The Clash and the Sex Pistols, but at least the release nailed a large part of the bands appeal. It’s ‘grown up’ punk, very reminiscent of the late 1970’s, only in some cases with a few more chords. the band arrived in the UK just recently and for the past three days have spent there time in the capital, Newcastle, the first in a string of dates either side of Birmingham Rebellion Xmas Bash on the 8th Dec, with the likes of UK Subs, Anti Nowhere League and Rancid, so I expected something good.

First impressions, they’re well drilled with a tight sound, the vocal stylings of Gary Buckley is from the Sham 69’s jimmy Pursey or Members’ Jean Marie Caroll school of vocal delivery, Joe Strummer twang in places is  evident but the lead singer may just originate from the South East so fair play. The Terraces’ are on form tonight, despite the weather, which dented tonight’s crowd, still the 30 plus made enough noise as the band played through some memorable songs. Kicked off with ‘The Internationals’ and Care About Nothing’ to good effect, before delivering another strong song in ‘25 Years’ brought an enthusiastic responses. Start reflecting, on how, we rarely catch the original bands, The Terraces are no way I cover band, but playing devil’s advocate, neither are they the most original band either, a few more bars later, I conclude, what is original these days? Then, it’s ‘Brittania’, ‘Union’, ‘Cos I Said So’ that all convince, before a cover to warm the cockles of our collective hearts, as the first chords are a familiar signal, the room is all smiles, as the band perform a gusty version of ‘Complete Control’ that brings a cheer and sadly brings an entertaining night to an en.



The Terraces have not quite recorded a new punk ‘instant classic song’ just yet, but deliver am enjoyable, proficient and energetic punk set, 90% cover free, in short The Terraces on tonight’s showing are good value. 8.3/10

Steve Janes

Photos by Helen Todner

The Terraces go on to play, FRI 7TH DEC – Cookies Bar, Halifax, SAT 8TH DEC – Ballroom, Birmingham – Rebellion Xmas Bash, TUES 11TH DEC – Surya, London, WED 12TH DEC – Bogiez, Cardiff


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The Terraces, Trillans, Newcastle, 5/12/2012