The Walking Tree – – ‘Here Again The Here Again’

The Walking Tree – – ‘Here Again The Here Again’

Been told the New York take on rock music is having a renaissance, also echoed if you ask The Walking Tree. The Long Island-based band have a new, 7-song EP, ‘Cyclone Baby’, to hold their seat at the saloon. It’s due out in March 2017.

The band are sick of the mainstream and making the kind of music that inspired them growing up: Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Incubus, Soundgarden, The Vines, The Foo Fighters and many other staples from that era of music. This resurgence of rock that challenges The Walking Tree to stray from the common path points to bands, such as Circa Survive, Say Anything, MeWithoutYou, Cage the Elephant. People have noticing that The Walking Tree is doing something progressive with their brand of rock – from Carson Daly, to the President of The Fader, to A&R booking agents, to music lovers. The DIY band found early success since their formation in 2011, including Twitter love from Carson Daly, who shared their music video for “What’s In My Head?” and claimed “they ROCK.”

Walking Tree’s music is more of a personal experiences of learning and growing, but life’s nuances in general. The band revolves around two talented brothers, Warren (guitars, vocals) and Kevin Trunz (drums), and childhood friends – Mike (Divo) DiVittorio (bass) and Raffi Froudjian (guitar). The Trunz brothers’ produced and recorded the new EP themselves, at Glow in The Dark Studios in Georgia. Everything is done by the band  – from their merch to their music videos, which the brothers produce, direct and edit.

The EP is preceded by new single ;Here Again There Again’ which feels like alternative rock with a light dusting of indie influences witch broadens their appeal to a greater audience, but it would mean little if their brand of creativity fell short of the mark, first 2016 impression if the single is positive, as a taster of 2017 it bodes well. The single is an alternative accessible, guitar strewn crowd-pleaser, 7.8/10

Steve Janes

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Cyclone Baby – out March 2017

1. Here Again, There Again
2. Not For You
3. Cyclone Baby
4. Nothing To Say
5. Sharp as a Knife
6. Mechanical
7. Rat

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The Walking Tree – – ‘Here Again The Here Again’