The Whitaker Brothers Set For Debut Album Release

The Whitaker Brothers Set For Debut Album Release

Tim and Simon Whitaker, collectively known as The Whitaker Brothers, first started making music in the late 70’s under various guises. Now, after 30+ years of operating just under the radar, they’re bowing to popular demand and releasing their first album as a duo.


A truly unique live combination of vocals, acoustic guitar and steel drums, they’ve translated that into a versatile LP of sprawling songs that range from the straightforward rock of single ‘Good Love’ to outright bizarre pop, all the while adding a rare world music flavour. From the heartfelt likes of acoustic ‘What A Man Can Do’ to the more electronic‘Bonuses’, which pokes fun at the bankers who ruined the British economy, their songs will keep you guessing and wondering whether to laugh or shed a tear.


Their unique sound has seen them gain a cult following over the years, and their storied career has seen them support the likes of Van Morrison and Lonnie Donegan. Their fans include Newton Faulkner, Julian Lennon and John Idan of the Yardbirds, and gig highlights include slots at Glastonbury& the Ivor Novello Awards and Grosvenor house.


So, after such a long and successful career standing just outside the spotlight, what finally convinced the brothers to lay down a full length? “So many people asked for a CD after the gig, we thought we’d better make one”. Of course.


Single ‘Good Love’ is one of their more mainstream tracks, melding a stomping rhythm to electric guitar licks and growled vocals reminiscent of classic 80’s rock. The superb animated video is a combination of three generations of Whitaker family artistry: Track by The Whitaker Brothers (Tim & Simon), abstract art by their father David & animation by Tim’s daughter Malika.


View it here:


‘Animated’, the album, is released on January 24thnext year, preceded by the single ‘Good Love’ on December 19th.


You can find out more on the Whitaker Brothers here:

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The Whitaker Brothers Set For Debut Album Release