Therapy’s Top Ten Of Old School Ulster Punk Rock.

Therapy’s Top Ten Of Old School Ulster Punk Rock.

‘A Brief Crack Of Light’ is the new album by Therapy? Co-produced by the band and Adam Sinclair (New York Dolls, The Unthanks) in Blast Studios in Newcastle, it’s the influential Northern Ireland trio’s thirteenth studio album. The follow-up to 2009’s acclaimed Crooked Timber and their first recording for new label Blast Records, it also just might be the most compelling album of Therapy?’s distinguished career.
Written, says frontman Andy Cairns, about the absurdity of human life, A Brief Crack Of Light draws upon myriad disparate influences – Black Flag’s primal clenched fist aggression, the skewed genius of Stewart Lee’s coruscating comic monologues, the writings of Samuel Beckett, the irresistible swing and swagger of Charlie Mingus among them – to deliver a dark, unsettling compendium of 21st century schizoid noise. With Guitars review here

From the same county as The Undertones and Stiff Little Fingers and when both bands say there was a great music scene back home – they were not kidding. Therapy? Hail from Ulster you could not find anyone more qualified and enthusiastic to talk about old school Ulster punk, lead singer Andy Cairns takes it from here…

Here goes…

1. Rudi – ‘Big Time’. “Pure Heaven.

Great chorus, gorgeous punk’n’roll lead guitar and delivered in a sneering Belfast accent.”

2. The Outcasts – ‘Justa Nother Teenage Rebel’.

“It starts with one of THE great punk bass lines. The chorus starts with, “”Just another Teenage Rebel, another spotty problem kid”” -, genius.”

3. The Undertones – ‘Jimmy, Jimmy’.

“The opening feedback/licks alone made this single (on Green vinyl, natch) worth every penny and that’s before we even get to the hookier than thou chorus.”

4.’Protex – ‘Don’t Rig Me Up’.

“I always thought this 50 style rocker would have been perfect in a David Lynch movie. The Ulster boy-does-Del Shannon vocals send a shiver up my spine every time.”

5. Ruefrex – ild Colonial Boy’.

“Regardless of the controversial subject matter (at the time) of the ‘Irish American’ this tune builds and builds beautifully.”

6. Starjets – ‘Schooldays.

“”Mocked for their good looks and pop leanings. I was sold on the melodrama of the delivery.”

7. Stiff Little Fingers – ; Suspect Device’.

“Quite literally does what it says on the tin and “blows up in your face,” a fine lesson in how to make every second of a tune urgent and exciting, even if I did find out until years later that the main riff sounded very like a riff by Montrose.”

8. The Defects – ‘Dance Until You Drop’.

“This is a top tune from the later Studs ‘n’ Spikes division of Northern Irish punx.”

9. The Moon dogs –‘Ya Don’t Do Ya’.

“Catchy as hell, it is all sugar rush and lovely. They even had their own T.V. show.”

10.Electro Motive Force – ‘Spidermen’.

“Straight outta Newtownabbey! The Newtownabbey Musicians collective helped out Therapy? loads in the early days. This is a great tune and quite ahead of it’s time for 1982.”

Therapy? News as soon as we get it, at the meantime, if you look at the tracks above I think they would make a good start to a Ulster Old School Punk Volume 1, I don’t think that many tracks are available on iTunes, Amazon or napster, so come on you record company CEO’s here’s a compilation waiting to be made!

The band have also announced a mouth watering tour in April with Ragga metal uberlords SKINDRED. The Jägermeister sponsored event runs over 5 nights, with several of the nights already SOLD OUT!!! Catch them if you can……

10th LEEDS, O2 Academy
12th NEWCASTLE, O2 Academy
13th BRIXTON, O2 Academy
14th BRISTOL, O2 Academy



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Therapy’s Top Ten Of Old School Ulster Punk Rock.