Thousand – ‘Thousand’ album, Talitres – June 01

Thousand – ‘Thousand’ album, Talitres – June 01

Thousand – ‘Thousand’

album, CD/vinyl/digital

Talitres June 01

Thousand is the project of French songwriter Stéphane Milochevitch.  Starting to play drums at the age of seven, Milochevitch subsequently picked up many other instruments according to his musical needs, filling the four tracks of his cassette home recorder. He spent his teenage years in Houston, Texas, developing his musical and cultural identity.

Thousand’s debut, ‘Flying Pyramid’ of twelve raw, acoustic folk songs (Arbouse Recordings, 2008),  revealed a sincere, straightforward artist. Though barely promoted, the album was praised by critics and fellow musicians alike, and American songwriter Josh T. Pearson covered and recorded one of Milochevitch’s songs, ‘Song of Abdication’ (here on the new album), which appeared on Pearson’s Mute released, ‘The Singer To The Crowd’ EP.

Drawing since his early childhood Milochevitch’s art was heavily influenced by 90s underground imagery and traditional Mexican art whilst in Texas, images which still clearly preoccupy him, as witnessed on the album artwork. Music nevertheless remains his prime means of expression. This, his second album, the eponymous ‘Thousand’, produced by Yann Arnaud (Air) and Frédéric Lo (Daniel Darc) is the result of a long and fruitful collaboration – producing along with the album, a song on the soundtrack of Christophe Honore’s movie ‘Beloved’,  and a live appearance in the film, playing himself.

With Olivier Marguerit on bass, keys and vocals, Raphaël Séguinier on drums, Emma Broughton and Maud Nadal on vocals, Thousand presents a beautiful collection of pop-folk gems, elegant, soulful songwriting with an addictive edge, reminiscent of the Supremes and Bill Callahan and  dipped in synth pop and afro beats.

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Thousand – ‘Thousand’ album, Talitres – June 01