ticktock – ‘TCOLT EP’ (Out 16th March 2015 via The Big Oil Recording Company)

ticktock – ‘TCOLT EP’ (Out 16th March 2015 via The Big Oil Recording Company)

Part-Danish, and nominal part-English citizen, Sebastian Zieler better know, least to us, as ticktock, is ready to release his latest EP. Cryptically entitled‘TCOLT EP’ this March. not bad for all those long sessions spent drawing sound with MS Paint-looking audio-imaging software, live recording and technical playfulness. The result is described as “…immediate, but otherworldly – like pop conceived of elsewhere” words that ring true, if somehow under-playing the amount of work and ideas that flows throughout the four song EP.

Lead track ‘A-A-A-‘ flickers bright, both creative and stimulating song construct complete wit a fair sway of musical mini-structures, with a comfortable at ease feel in part aided by slivery vocal punctuation that surely should win over even the most beleaguered. |Imagine if you will, a spectacled individual in a white coat holding a clipboard for this summation – The track is laced with beguiling melodies drenched in melancholy, gripping vocals,and a fragmented and morose afro-beat, with the syncopated beats and languid basslines, if you lost interest at syncopated, it’s when two different beats when played together create a third. Nevertheless a description trying to convey the more original path Sebastian Zieler has taken.

Delving further into the 14 minutes of ‘TCOLT EP’ ‘Time For A New School Of Alchemy’ is rich in ideas, pop with braids and yummy hook laden guitar and vocal refrains, also last song ‘Would You Look At God Go!’ sounds complete. ticktock aka the mid-twenties Copenhagen native  Zieler, has cooked up an impressive EP in ‘TCOLT’ harder to play live perhaps, but to listen to the new EP, there is enough quality on show to decry this is a keeper. 8.4/10
Steve Janes

 View The Video For A-A-A-

Release show @ The Old Blue Last – 19th March

https://www.facebook.com/ticktocksound // http://bigoilrec.com/

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ticktock – ‘TCOLT EP’ (Out 16th March 2015 via The Big Oil Recording Company)