Tidelines – release new track Winter

Tidelines – release new track Winter


Release new song ‘Winter’

[Listen Here]

South East London girl boy duo Tidelines (Niomí and Kailin) release new track ‘Winter’ – a portentous warning to a lover, demanding they take the relationship somewhere new or they’re leaving. ‘Winter’ is melodically exquisite and a triumph of minimalism. [listen here]

Tidelines on ‘Winter’

“Winter is a wakeup call. It’s about feeling obligated in a relationship for a long time and reaching a point where something needs to change. There’s something about winter as a season that’s harsh and unforgiving and we wanted to use snow melting to reflect the beginnings of the relationship and then how over time the infatuation has faded.”

Tidelines have come to be known as leaders in the alt-pop world, drawing on unusual palettes of samples and sounds. Tidelines music is enthralling, stunning, deeply emotive, perfectly marrying understated electronica to sublime vocals and melodies. The duo met by chance in London claiming to be complete opposites in so many ways – from musical differences to the way they see the world – they named themselves Tidelines, which describes the debris formed when two bodies of water meet. Both born in London but raised in different parts of the world – from Beijing (Kailin) to Ireland (Niomi) – they also bring a synthesis of cultures to their music.

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Praise for Tidelines

“Artful, ineffably beautiful synth pop”Clash

“Tidelines… cocoon you in their warmth”Dummy

“Wrapping the listener up in a sound cocoon so silky you’re hardly aware it’s there.” Pigeons & Planes

“It’s almost too dreamy to be real” The 405

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Tidelines – release new track Winter