Time For My Extraordinary?

Time For My Extraordinary?

You would be forgiven at the moment for not knowing who My Extraordinary are, but that will soon change with the five piece from Newcastle about to release a new mini album that is sure to impress, and as if that’s not enough they will also be taking to the road for a UK tour. If you do not know much about the band then don’t worry because With Guitars has got you covered.

The band is made up of Anthony Thompson (vocals), Martin Corkhill (drums), Joe Anderson (guitar), Paul Dewhurst (bass) and Roy Watson (guitar). They are alternative rock and they don’t mess around trying to become anything more than that because like any good band they don’t want to be pigeon holed into any sub genres.

Two years ago the band released their ‘Reality EP’ but not much has been done since then but luckily for us the new mini album which in titled ‘The World We Live In’ marks the end of their extended absence. In the past two years, jobs have been quit, backline overhauled, home-studios constructed and new faces have been added and reshuffled within the ranks of the band. Undoubtedly the biggest change has come in the shape of frontman Ant handing over his guitar duties to Roy, the newest member. In doing so Ant now solely handles vocal duties, which he credits for his finest vocal and lyrical outputs to-date. On top of this in drummer Martin they also have a producer who understands explicitly how they want to convey their sound. Quitting his job, constructing a home studio and replenishing amps and guitars were seen as key elements in ensuring they would achieve the warmth and depth in tones they felt were previously lacking, and consequently the mini-album to exert them back onto the UK scene would emerge. With big things on the horizon for the band Chris Brown from With Guitars sat down with Joe from the band to bring you the lowdown on one of the most hard working and exciting bands the UK has to offer.

It’s been a while since we have seen you guys and in that time it seems a lot has happened. With Roy joining the band and Ant handing over guitar duties to him. How do you guys feel this has affected your sound?

We settled into the new line up almost instantly after about 5 years of the having the same guys and the same set up on stage. Sound wise I don’t really think it had any impact strangely enough. Our song writing didn’t change, Ant and Martin are still the driving force behind our music and once they come up with something  they’re happy with, there’s only a couple of things here and there that need tweaked.”

Latest video for  ‘The Good Old Days’

Over the past few years the band seems to have done a lot of growing musically, what’s behind the changes?

“We’ve had a while to write this time and haven’t really had any great pressure, so we chose to use this time to really figure out what we wanted to do going forward. The main thing with us is that we really just like to write what we like the sound of. We don’t feel any need to fit into a groove or chase a certain musical style so it was just a case of figuring out what we wanted to do, as selfish as that might sound.”

With the building of a home studio, replenishing amps and guitars it seems a lot of effort went into the upcoming mini album. How do you guys feel about end product?

“Yeah effort on Martin’s behalf building the studio, but in my case buying amps and guitars is never too hard a task. I’m far better at buying them than I am actually playing them, it’s a good thing the guys at Orange amps  help us out and make life easier for myself and Dewey and Blackstar looking after Roy. As far as the CD goes we  love what we’ve made, again we had plenty of time to choose which guitars were going to do what so when I listen back I know that we used the right gear.”

With Septembers tour fast approaching is everything and everyone ready to go?

“This tour is our first in a while so we all need to get into tour mode and get our rigs out of the studio and set up.”

“I personally know that I have a lot to do before then but it means I get an excuse to load up on new gear. We all  tend to worry about these things the week before so anyone heading to a show can see how far along we got.”

When you guys are on the road is it all about balls to the wall fun or are you tucked up with a hot chocolate by midnight?

“I’d like to say we hit a happy medium and have ourselves ready for our shows but you know how it is. We haven’t turned up to a show drunk or badly hung over since we were a lot younger and Dewey got his legs caught in his bass and fell/snapped all the strings. Lesson learned right there. These days Martin has taken over the ‘one too many beers’ role.”

Do you guys have anything you take on the road that you just couldn’t live without?

“The single most important thing is probably Dewey’s headphones, he gets sick of our shit in the van very quickly and I can’t blame him. Martin likes having his laptop to watch films, last tour he was really into Titanic and The  Notebook and stuff like that.”

Some people reading this may not know much about the band, why should they come out to see you guys live?

“I think live is where we do it best, we’ve heard a lot of people say they didn’t get it until they saw us live. I think that’s a huge compliment because literally anyone can sound good recorded and edited but it’s a bit more  difficult getting up there with no auto tune and putting on a show people want to watch.”

It seems you have worked very hard to get the mini album done and everything is in place for big things to  happen. What advice would you give local bands who are looking to push to the next level?

“My personal advice sounds very obvious but I’d say just get good. Not necessarily become the best ever at your  instrument but sound good as a band, get in time and learn how to play in front of people. There’s no shortage  of good bands for people to go and see so make your band worth the money and time. Maybe the biggest thing for me is sound how you want to sound not how the cool bands at the minute sound, trends don’t last long and  neither do bands that straight copy others.”

Who are the bands that have most influenced you guys and your music?

“I say this a lot but we really keep separate the bands we like and the music we make. We have a massively broad taste in music between the five of us that pretty much covers it all so we tend to just let that go and make what  we want to make at the time .”

If you guys could headline any festival which one would it be?

“I think that might change depending on who you ask but for me it would have to be Reading and Leeds. I love being at a festival where I want to watch other bands and that festival never disappoints.”

Do you have any messages for your fans or potential fans?

“For anyone that already likes us I suppose we have to apologise for our absence but it’s worth it and this CD is by  far our best in every sense. To potential fans check out our YouTube, Facebook or whatever you like and give it a

listen and get in touch!”


24 – Glasgow – Ivory Blacks

25 – Newcastle – Think Tank

26 – Manchester – Fac251

27 – London – Garage 2

28 – Birmingham – The Flapper (16+)

Find Out more about the band on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MyExtraordinary

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Time For My Extraordinary?