Tip For 2018: The Shimmer Band

Tip For 2018: The Shimmer Band

Written by  Xoi Lander

The Shimmer Band are what the world is waiting for.  I came across them on TV not because Jools Holland booked them, but because their flag was all over the Glastonbury TV coverage! The excude positivity and cool.

Bristol’s best aural attack since Massive Attack, not only want to make us come together, right now, but have major deal, festival main stage sounding songs to back up the swagger.

They sound like a rave on a space ship and are everything that pop needs right now; dance anthems from girly haired, rock band boys.

Away from prime time TV, bands still exist. Actual groups of musicians who plug in and make the sounds that you hear live, right in front of you with analogue instruments and digital technology amplified to a better experience even than your headphones because you can see the performance, and at times, feel it. Offspring of The Stone Roses/Primals (but rockier and much more psychedelic), The Shimmer Band are the millennial party soundtrack.

They headlined London’s (packed right to the back) Electric Ballroom to end a festival studded 2017, there were kids yelling “Freedom”,  and punching the air, babes on shoulders with rapture on their faces. It’s like they’re already as big as they sound. Well spotted, This Feeling, who also featured them on Episode 3 of the Red Stripe TF TV show

The most exciting thing is that The Shimmer Band went from this to winter hibernation in the recording studio. They were already brilliant and exciting. When next year starts, they’ll be even more so. Sparkly 21st Century POP stars.


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Tip For 2018: The Shimmer Band