TMBG: All Time What: Dial-A-Song is here!

TMBG: All Time What: Dial-A-Song is here!

They Might Be Giants’ national tour starts in two weeks in Charlottesville

I Like Fun arrives January 19th

Dial-A-Song begins again –

dig the video link below,
call 844-387-6962,

or go to the updated


“All Time What”

I use my outside voice because I have no choice

the barn that I was raised in was constructed out of noise

and now I’m all torn up because my buttercup

up and gone and left me

said she finally had enough

left me here to ruminate on all she can’t admit

and all she can’t explain

all time what

I never thought I never thought

all time what

things break apart things break apart

man, she pulled out the rug from her doodlebug

rolling down the highway

not a worry in her mind

here’s a flash card where someone’s written STULTIFY

I take it as a sign

it’s hard to redefine

same old sad soliloquy

they handed me a broom

the cast has left the room

all time what

stumble about wrapped in a shroud

all time what

partly submerged playing a dirge

complete completely completelier

defeat defeated defeatlier

complete completely completelier

defeat defeated defeatlier

all time what

I never thought I never thought

all time what

things break apart things break apart

Jump in!


Creative people! TMBG’s new video contest

is for the official video for “I Left My Body.”

There will be 3 winners. $3k is the grand prize,

with $1k going to two others!

The winner also gets $3k worth of

Red Giant video editing equipment

and we invite all contestants to

take advantage of their two-week demos

when adding some final polish

to your edits!

The deadline

is March 1 and the contest is judged

by Open Mike Eagle. All the info here:

This is the song:


All these shows are going fast
and some will sell out momentarily.

Don’t delay!

1.18 Carrboro, NC SOLD OUT

1.19 Asheville, NC

1.20 Atlanta, GA SOLD OUT

1.21 Charlotte, NC

1.23 Charleston, SC

1.24 Ponte Vedra, FL

1.25 Orlando, FL

1.26 Ft. Lauderdale, FL

1.27 St. Petersburg, FL SOLD OUT

1.28 Pensacola, FL

1.30 Birmingham, AL

1.31 Baton Rouge, LA

2.1 Austin, TX

2.2 Houston, TX

2.3 Dallas, TX SOLD OUT

2.6 Nashville, TN

2.7 Indianapolis, IN

2.8 Columbus, OH

2.9 St. Louis, MO

2.10 Detroit, MI SOLD OUT

2.11 Cleveland, OH SOLD OUT

2.27 Phoenix, AZ

3.1 San Diego, CA SOLD OUT

3.2 Los Angeles, CA

3.3 San Francisco, CA

3.4 San Francisco, CA

3.6 Eugene, OR

3.7 Seattle, WA SOLD OUT

3.8 Portland, OR

3.9 Salt Lake City, UT

3.10 Denver, CO

3.11 Boulder, CO

3.13 Kansas City, MO

3.14 Omaha, NE

3.15 Minneapolis, MN

3.16 Milwaukee, WI

3.17 Chicago, IL

3.18 Louisville, KY

4.13 New Haven, CT

4.14 Washington, DC

4.15 Pittsburgh, PA

4.17 Cincinnati, OH

4.19 Rochester, NY

4.20 Burlington, VT

4.21 Portland, ME

4.22 Albany, NY

4.26 Northampton, MA

4.27 Boston, MA

4.28 Philadelphia, PA

Then we get on a jet plane!

9.20 Leeds, UK

9.21 Leeds, UK SOLD OUT

9.22 Cambridge, UK

9.23 Bristol, UK

9.25 Munich, DE

9.26 Antwerp, BE

9.27 Amsterdam, NL

9.28 Berlin, DE

9.29 Hamburg, DE

10.1 Koln, DE

10.3 London, UK

10.4 Manchester, UK

10.5 Edinburgh, UK

10.6 Dublin, IE

Hey Mr. or Ms. DJ–join us!

The TMBG Dial-A-Song Radio Network

is beginning again.

TMBG live on your radio show! Brand

new songs to premiere on your radio show!

They Might Be Giants are re-launching

their Dial-A-Song service in early 2018.

We are inviting all DJs at community,

college, and commercial radio shows

interested in being serviced with weekly

musical installments from TMBG –– you

are sincerely invited to participate.

We are also booking band interviews and

creating programming notes and custom

audio materials guaranteed to make the

Dial-A-Song segment of your broadcast a

special highlight every week. All the

information to become part of it is here.

And if you know someone who would be interested,

tell them about it!

Check out They Might Be Giants all over the internet



and FlansyFlans on Instagram

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TMBG: All Time What: Dial-A-Song is here!