TMBG: This week’s Dial-A-Song: The Greatest

TMBG: This week’s Dial-A-Song: The Greatest

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This week’s Dial-A-Song

The Greatest

they call me the greatest

because I’m not very good

and they’re being sarcastic

they’re being sarcastic

oh, I’m taking names

but I’m not doing much

with the names that I’m taking


they’re being sarcastic

they’re being sarcastic

they call me the greatest

but those cheers can be quiet

so I listen close

I listen close

yes I’m taking notes

but those notes aren’t helping

the ink washes away


it washes away

it washes away

They Might Be Giants’ brand new album

I Like Fun is here.

It is getting rave reviews.

You should get it.

Get I Like Fun in all formats

direct from TMBG –

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Tonight in Baton Rouge

1.31 Baton Rouge, LA

2.1 Austin, TX

2.2 Houston TX

2.3 Dallas – Good Records in-store
2.3 Dallas SOLD OUT

2.6 Nashville TN

2.7 Indianapolis IN

2.8 Columbus OH

2.9 St. Louis, MO

2.10 Detroit SOLD OUT

2.11 Cleveland SOLD OUT

2.27 Phoenix, AZ

3.1 San Diego SOLD OUT

3.2 Los Angeles SOLD OUT

3.3 San Francisco SOLD OUT

3.4 San Francisco, CA

3.6 Eugene, OR

3.7 Seattle SOLD OUT

3.8 Portland SOLD OUT

3.9 Salt Lake City UT

3.10 Denver CO SOLD OUT

3.11 Boulder CO

3.13 Kansas City MO

3.14 Omaha NE

3.15 Minneapolis MN

3.16 Milwaukee WI

3.17 Chicago IL SOLD OUT

3.18 Louisville KY

4.13 New Haven CT

4.14 Washington DC

4.15 Pittsburgh PA

4.17 Cincinnati OH

4.19 Rochester NY

4.20 Burlington SOLD OUT

4.21 Portland ME

4.22 Albany NY

4.26 Northampton MA

4.27 Boston MA

4.28 Philadelphia SOLD OUT

Then we get on a jet plane!

9.20 Leeds, UK

9.21 Leeds SOLD OUT

9.22 Cambridge, UK

9.23 Bristol, UK

9.25 Munich, DE

9.26 Antwerp, BE

9.27 Amsterdam, NL

9.28 Berlin, DE

9.29 Hamburg, DE

10.1 Koln, DE

10.3 London, UK

10.4 Manchester, UK

10.5 Edinburgh, UK

10.6 Dublin, IE


Creative people! TMBG’s video contest

is for the official video for “I Left My Body.”

There will be 3 winners. $3k is the grand prize,

with $1k going to two others!

The winner also gets $3k worth of

Red Giant video editing equipment

and we invite all contestants to

take advantage of their two-week demos

when adding some final polish

to your edits! The demos are free!

After you submit your video you can expect to receive
a confirmation email from us. If you’ve already
submitted a video and haven’t received a response
please email

The deadline

is March 1 and the contest is judged

by Open Mike Eagle. All the info here:

This is the song:


Check out They Might Be Giants all over the internet



and FlansyFlans on Instagram

and now

They Might be Giants on Spotify

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TMBG: This week’s Dial-A-Song: The Greatest