OUT TODAY: Ana Threat "COLD LVE" LP (Rock‘n‘Roll/ Exotica/ Punk/ Doo Wop/ Garage)

OUT TODAY: Ana Threat "COLD LVE" LP (Rock‘n‘Roll/ Exotica/ Punk/ Doo Wop/ Garage)

CS002: Ana Threat “COLD LVE” LP


Artist: Ana Threat

Title: Cold Lve

Format: 12’’ Vinyl + digital

Label: Cut Surface

Out: 25.11.2016

Genre: Rock‘n‘Roll/ Exotica/ Punk / Doo Wop / Alternative Rock

S T R E A M  :






“The mysterious and only lonely one-woman-super-villain ANA THREAT brings us here her very first complete long-playable masterwerk. After several decades and many releases, dedication records, and costume changes, the wait time is over. Please join the ancient jungles of Vienna to ingest the crazy diabolic rhythms, the warbling ghost-surf guitar, and creeping nonsense nose-vocals of this extra-terrestrial guardian of avant-garde-no-sense-trash.

COLD LVE is a world of haunted lo-fi garage scifi disco trash for loner bedroom dance parties.

Wrap yourself and your invisible lover in tin-foil, put this record on your machine,

and spin out into the glitterless extremities of the only Ana Threat to walk this universe.

This is where your dreams and all your nightmares crash to make the real real-life.

The world has been waiting for this.”


Tony Burger, Managing Director A.L.F.A.

(Australasian Lo-Fidelity Association)



✧✧ Rev. Ana Threat, Margareten Man-Eater, Bretzel Grrrl, Happy Kid,

Kraken Tamer, Exploitation Ballroom Butt. ✧✧


Kristy And The Kraks

The Happy Kids

(c) Thomas Lieser



Ana Threat – Tug Of War Of Love (Kill Mommy Records 2010)

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Ana Threat / Al Bird Dirt – Car Sick / The Knife (Trash Rock Productions 2013)

Ana Threat – The Dropout Dumpling (Totally Wired Records 2014)

Ana Threat – Cease to Exist (Trash Rock Productions 2014)

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OUT TODAY: Ana Threat "COLD LVE" LP (Rock‘n‘Roll/ Exotica/ Punk/ Doo Wop/ Garage)