Out today: KROBAK "Nightbound" (post-rock w/ Stoned Jesus guitarist)

Out today: KROBAK "Nightbound" (post-rock w/ Stoned Jesus guitarist)

If you’re still up for some more RIFFS, as the new album from post-rock goldsmiths KROBAK comes out today. Their breathtaking soundscapes will not only strike a chord with fans of Swans, The Mars Volta, Mono or Godspeed You!, but it will also undoubtedly inspire any lover of superbly-crafted progressive music.


KROBAK “Nightbound” (post-rock / progressive rock)



Featuring stunning violin work and compositions that flow beautifully from peak to peak;

it’s hard not to fall in love, and stay enamored with what the band has done here.”


A thoughtful moodiness, never quite despairing, but certainly wistful, almost nostalgic.”




1. Stringer Bell

2. No Pressure, Choice Is Yours

3. So Quietly Falls The Night

4. Marching For The Freedom We Have Lost


KROBAK (from Ukrainian “хробак”, i.e “worm”) is an instrumental progressive/post-rock quartet from Kyiv, Ukraine. Initially founded as a solo project of guitarist Igor Sydorenko (Stoned Jesus, Voida, Arlekin), Their early releases were inspired by the likes of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Yndi Halda and Mono. Encapsulated in “The Diary Of The Missed One” (Cardiowave, 2008) which is Ukraine’s first officially released post-rock album, this era ends around late 2009 when Igor decides to focus on Stoned Jesus.


In 2012, a new lineup emerges with Asya on bass, Natasha on drums and Marko on violin. Second full-length “Little Victories” then comes out in 2013 along with a string of European and Ukrainian dates, including shows with Samsara Blues Experiment, Alcest and Maybeshewill. A wider scope of influences – Swans, The Mars Volta and King Crimson being the pivotal ones – helps the band develop their distinctive brand of instrumental soundscapes further.


In what looks like a renaissance year for post-rock, Ukrainian veterans of the genre KROBAK are back with third full-length “Nightbound”. Made of four epic tracks filled with passion, tension and violins that create an atmosphere-laden soundtrack, “Nightbound” was recorded and mixed at Lipky Zvukozapys, Kyiv. More violins, please!


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Out today: KROBAK "Nightbound" (post-rock w/ Stoned Jesus guitarist)