Tom Diabo compilation streaming in full

Tom Diabo compilation streaming in full


On 22nd June, Tom Diabo’s Dark Star will be reissued via Body Double Records. Today, you can stream the entire collection on Brooklyn Vegan! Vice recently premiered previously unheard track, ‘Little Pilgrim,’ stating “The album tracks the ebb and flow of a healthy, creative mind struggling with its deteriorating body, the songs vacillating between playful meandering and stark, emotional depth.”

Tom Diabo was born Thomas Eicke in Germany circa 1957. A young resident of northwest German city, Wuppertal, Diabo’s few traces remain solely as credits in a handful of revelatory recordings the songwriter issued during his role as prime mover in Wuppertal’s punk and art scene. Singing in rough yet genuinely employed English, Diabo’s influences were eclectic. He was a forward-thinking punk with as much love for John Lennon and Neil Young as England’s punk outfits du jour. Dark Starcaptures this dynamic mix of gothic punk and American western with the archival purity ofs other home-recorded masterpieces. Yet, Diabo’s music is much more American than Anglo, drawing from rockabilly riffs and evoking a cinematic noir-ish psyche.
Dark Star was first compiled by Diabo’s bandmate, Dirk Jessewitch, in homage to his departed friend. Earlier that year Diabo had succumbed to a nearly decade-long battle with a malignant brain tumor, marking the terminus of a stretch of years in which Diabo’s creative ambitions fortunately transcended his health struggles.This compilation featured cover art drawn by Diabo, and was titled after Diabo’s favorite film – the John Carpenter directed 1974 sci-fi. The upcoming expanded reissue of Dark Star features two songs excluded from the original release, ‘Take My Hand’ and ‘Little Pilgrim,’ which only appeared in a privately-pressed 7″ from 1990 that Diabo’s girlfriend Flora Jorgens released.

Tom Diabo Dark Star album stream on Brooklyn Vegan

Liner notes intimately shared by Jorgens explain how Diabo’s diagnosis effected his guitar playing, how following two surgeries Diabo developed a new precious view toward life. Rather than giving up music all together, Diabo carried on performing and writing for Western Force with unabated ambition. This three-song 7″ was her own commemorative selection following the tour-de-force Jessewitch compiled.

Through loved ones and family, Diabo’s creative spirit and vitality was preserved and can be revisited through the upcoming expanded form. Dark Star is made available once again to open the doors to Diabo’s haunted world of sobering realities, dead-end streets and fallen voices. Despite this dark context, Dark Star brims with the music of a fearless innovator.

Nothing Is Real
Alone On The Top
The End Of The Line
Back To The Hearts
Dead End Street
Life Is No Fun
Son Of Thunder
Love Is A Nice Dream
New Ted In Town
Barstool Blues
Stage Of Fools
So Long
Take My Hand
Little Pilgrim

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Tom Diabo compilation streaming in full