Toni Sidgwick -Try

Toni Sidgwick -Try

Originally hailing from the beautiful Shetland Islands, set off the far North Coast of Scotland, Sidgwick is an indie/folk musician, who has a penchant for drawing inspiration from the coastal landscape into her heartfelt and bittersweet soundscapes. Toni

Sidgwick started out busking on the streets of Edinburgh while studying 12 years, and since has been honing her musical abilities, going to being named North East Traditional Act of the Year 2016 at Ubeat TVs music awards and having since releasing her debut EP, Lions.

Her latest single, “Try,” incorporates some delicate finger-picking on the acoustic guitar that stands out with Sidgwick’s vocals. The drums sidles in next, going on to create more of an up-tempo backbeat. The emotional track is filled with Sidgwick’s highly introspective and vulnerable vocals.

This personalized retelling of the trials of love and its many mismanaged attempts to repair what’s already broken definitely resonates with its emotionally powerful vocals and distinctively crafted melodies honed to perfection.

Detecting an arresting indie/folk sound from the heart-warming songstress, be on the lookout for Toni Sidgwick in 2018. The year sees her with the release of her second single as well as performances all across venues in the UK. 7.8/10

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Toni Sidgwick -Try