Touchstone Sign Worldwide Deal With SPV

Touchstone Sign Worldwide Deal With SPV

TouchstinemeuTouchstone the five-piece rock band with prog/rock/alternative influences have signed an exclusive long term World Wide deal with SPV Records covering new recordings and three back catalogue recordings.


Touchstone shot1Their much-anticipated new album, ‘The City Sleeps’, is due to be released on 10th October 2011 on SPV’s Steamhammer label. The release of the new album will be supported by a UK tour in October 2011 with European dates to be announced and a US Tour planned for the second half of 2012.

Founding band member, Rob Cottingham, said in a statement: "TOUCHSTONE  are delighted to be signed to SPV’s Steamhammer label for the release of our new album, The City Sleeps. SPV/Steamhammer has a long tradition of highly successful rock bands and for the band we see this as the next natural step up for us to reach a broader rock market, across a more global geography. We are very grateful to Frank Uhle, Del Taylor and the SPV team for their fantastic support and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship”.

In this exciting new album, the band venture into familiar ‘Touchstone Rock’ territory with the dynamic, moving epics:  The City Sleeps, and When Shadows Fall.

The City Sleeps is a sequel to the title track of Touchstone’s previous album, Wintercoast and we can exclusively reveal that Anna-Marie Wayne, actress and daughter of Jeff Wayne, adds her substantial voice-over talent to the title track.

When Shadows Fall is a sequel to the track Shadow from Touchstone’s first album, Discordant Dreams, and picks up a few decades later.

There are also some exciting departures for the band venturing into the more melodic rock areas. And then there is the downright crazy in Good Boy Psycho, where the mental twists and turns of this psychotic rollercoaster of a track leave you gasping for breath!

All the music is written by Touchstone, with lyrics by Rob Cottingham and Kim Seviour, and the City Sleeps concept and narrative written by Adam Hodgson, who also designed the album artwork.


Kim Seviour – Vocals
Rob Cottingham – Vocals, Keyboards , SFX
Adam Hodgson – Guitars
Paul Moorghen – Bass Guitar, Bass Pedals and Backing Vocals
Henry Rogers – Drums


25 Aug 2011 -  (UK) Peterborough Beer Festival, The Embankment, Peterborough

THE CITY SLEEPS UK Launch Tour 2011
special guests Heather Findlay (ex Mostly Autumn) & Chris Johnson

13 Oct 2011 – (UK) Mr Kyps – Poole
14 Oct 2011 – (UK) The Borderline – London
15 Oct 2011 – (UK) Riverside – Newcastle
16 Oct 2011 – (UK) The Robin 2 – Bilston


Got to point out that this video below is from nearly two years ago, recorded at London’s Borderline venue, anyone that has seen them for With Guitars has come back with their best Cheshire cat grins, which come complete with positive reports, now it SPV, we honestly expect big things. Now ok that is just two separate writers nodding their approval, but in music journalism getting a consensus from two different writers is as rare as hens teeth.

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Touchstone Sign Worldwide Deal With SPV