Track stream: PUREST Debut Single ‘Always’

Track stream: PUREST Debut Single ‘Always’


– Always –

Debut Single

Release Date: 31st March 2017 | Label: Gold Tooth Records

All rise for Sheffield shoegaze punks PUREST and their debut single ‘Always’. This is a band who mean business right from the start. Their mission is simple: Create contemporary, noisy pop hooks and melodies. Mission complete on the first single then.

‘Always’ is a pulsating and fiercely direct affair that gives any My Bloody Valentine record a run for its money on the sonic guitar front. Vocally, there’s an assured yet haunting delivery which is akin to Jim Reid on PsychoCandy. The rhythm section is like a punch to the chest and creates the perfect space for the song to twist and turn into what feels like a chemical explosion. This is a pop experiment gone right.

There is a serious and very honest feel to this band which is evident throughout. PUREST lead singer James Rollings describes the debut single: “The song explores an inflated sense of self, in an increasingly self-involved world. It’s about the inability to let egotistical habits go, and how it impacts emotionally.”

Recorded in Manchester’s Eve Studios and produced by Gethin Pearson (The Enemy, Jaws, Clay) PUREST have artfully created a hefty slab of noisy rock’n’roll here – complete with a prescription for pop! A debut single with attitude that’s not to be missed. 2017 just got itself a very exciting new band…



Saturday 18th February 2017 – The Rocking Chair, Sheffield (This Feeling)


James Rollings (Guitar/Vocals), Richard Bithrey ‘Biff’ (Guitar),

Ashley Platts (Drums), Danny Davidson (Bass)



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Track stream: PUREST Debut Single ‘Always’