Tribazik Announce ‘Data Warfare’ released 10th February 2014

Tribazik Announce ‘Data Warfare’ released 10th February 2014

‘Immerse yourself’ now & watch the trailer (below) that  captures the power perfectly on their immense new album ‘Data Warfare’ released 10th February 2014.

First impressions count and Data Warfare is a dark, beautiful playground with no boundaries that will leave you breathless. Further plays see the details start to emerge from the melee, where the bigger picture falls into place. The Intellectual and daring music Tribazik create is an avalanche of sound that is empowering, whilst mesmerising.

The journey Tribazik have taken recording the album has not been an easy one and is infused by the tragic and sudden death of their manager Gary DS. However, Tribazik picked themselves up and recorded the album. At first in a huge barn in the Sussex countryside spending time with nature away from the ‘black box’ before returning to their rehearsal room/ studio in London to complete the album. Produced by the band and mixed by Youth (Killing Joke / The Orb), ‘Data Warfare’ takes its name from the imminent hostilities facing the human race.

Tribazik’s standards are high, explaining the album’s dynamic, full-blooded assault: Opening with ‘Too Dead To Care’ through the next 50 minutes the listener is taken on a journey culminating with the melodic space out riffs of the epic psychedelic tribal closer ‘Tools of Mass Creation’. Data Warfare has an ethereal feel to it and covers themes including anger at blatant  warmongering, as well as a more philosophical look at the humans place in the universe and the future of technology, it’s uses and it’s effect on society.

The lyrical landscape covers mortality, the power of nature and the work of Zeckaria Sitchin. Tribazik’s high-energy alternative take on thrash and dance music with psychedelic landscape passages, breakbeat and electro influenced sections makes Data Warfare an intricate unique beast in the current climate.

If you want to know what now really sounds like, Tribazik have captured it with their tsunami of pure sound and in 2014 Tribazik want to reach as many people as possible and play as many gigs as possible with their powerful arousing and evocative all encompassing live show.

Immerse yourself now in Tribazik’s music – watch the trailer:



Also, listen to four songs from Data Warfare now:

Data Warfare track listing

1. Too Dead to Care

2. Atom

3. Life Force Energy

4. 12th Disclosure

5. Sonar Sumeria

6. Hacktivism

7. Spacetime Collapse

8. Bloodline Crossbreed

9. Absence of Proof

10.Tools of Mass Creation


Label : Skyride Records

Cat number : Ride CD002

Barcode : 507000 062516

Out of All the confusion , there comes a gem like Tribazik

Decompression Magazine

TRIBAZIK: The sound of the universe in collapse, the fractal postcards from the psychedelic zoo, beats like thousand winged panzers thor-ing down on razor shards of white heat guitars & lyrics that reveal deep mystic truths.”

Youth (Killing Joke)


“Most innovative act I have seen recently.”

Franz Treichler (The Young Gods)

Data Warfare album sleeve

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Tribazik Announce ‘Data Warfare’ released 10th February 2014