Trummor & Orgel releases a fresh video for the single "Metropolis" – Out now! [Introspection]

Trummor & Orgel releases a fresh video for the single "Metropolis" – Out now! [Introspection]


“Metropolis” (Video)

A symbiosis of man and machine.

”One can ask themselves what drives you to keep on creating music within the apparently tight frame that only drums and organ offers. Perhaps it’s just the challenge that is the drive – the difficulty in creating something that feels new within those limitations.

But freedom and limitation is, from a creative perspective, two sides of the same coin; music can easily become incomprehensible without a frame, but without freedom it becomes fixed. Or if you want to, Yin needs Yang för unity. This has been the leading principle when working with the new album, to find the balance between the organic and the electronic, the dynamic and the predictable, now and then; the balance between man and machine.

Perhaps it’s the theme that made it extra important this time that the album process has been allowed take its time and become unusually introvert. In the end it’s about the two of us, DIY-indie, which has been equal parts tickling and horrifying. Call it completely uncompromising. And the result is something we are very proud of, and album that emotionally located on the border of city and nature.” – Staffan and Anders Ljunggren

Trummor & Orgel has since the start in 2003 collaborated musically with Ebbot Lundberg (The Soundtrack of Our Lives), Magnus Carlson (Weeping Willows) and Peter Morén (Peter, Bjorn and John) amongst others. Their music has been heard in many movies, tv-shows and hundreds of gigs throughout Europe. The duo consists of brothers Anders Ljunggren on organs and Staffan Ljunggren on drums.

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Trummor & Orgel releases a fresh video for the single "Metropolis" – Out now! [Introspection]